Weight loss to digestion; Here are ALL the benefits of drinking honey with warm water

Considered as a substitute for sugar, honey is a natural ingredient that regulates various kinds of body activities. Here are all the benefits of drinking honey with warm water. Find out more
Weight loss to digestion; Here are ALL the benefits of drinking honey with warm water Weight loss to digestion; Here are ALL the benefits of drinking honey with warm water
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Honey, the sweet and thick elixir is naturally produced by honey bees. It is commonly used as a substitute for sugar because it is natural sweetness. It can also prove to be therapeutic and moisturising for the skin as well. Many popular Ayurvedic cough tonics are also based on honey. While the uses are endless, here are all the benefits of consuming honey with warm water.


Fights infections

Honey has antibacterial properties. So, consuming honey every day with warm water will help you prevent and fight any infections you would be prone to catching. In turn, drinking honey will help in increasing your immunity. 


Treats Cough

Honey and warm water can also treat cough. Typically used as a home remedy to treat cough in small kids, honey works wonders in reducing the severity of the cough. So much so, that honey is also used in quite a few cough medicines. However, it should be avoided for kids under the age of 1.

Improves sleep

It's proven that a hot beverage before your bedtime can help you sleep better. Using honey in warm water can not only help you sleep but also improves its quality. The natural sugar found in honey raises our insulin slightly and allows tryptophan, the compound famous for making us sleepy enter the brain helping us sleep better.


Promotes Digestion

Raw, unpasteurized honey provides the most health benefits, nutrients, and enzymes. Honey is also a popular home remedy for all kinds of digestive problems. Due to its antibacterial properties, it can also treat most of your gut issues including constipation and ulcers.

Aids in weight loss

Substituting sugar with honey can promote weight loss in the long run. Drinking honey with warm water first thing in the morning can help get rid of all the toxins from the body. It is also believed that honey has the ability to mobilize the stored fat. When this fat is burnt to provide energy for your daily activities, you will see a gradual decrease in your weight and relief from the problems of obesity. You can also squeeze a few drops of lemon in the mixture which will help metabolize the food faster.


Here’s how you can consume it:

Take a glass of warm water (Make sure it is not piping hot). Add 1-3 teaspoons of honey to it and mix it well. Consume it first thing in the morning for digestion and weight loss.you can also consume honey with cold water after a hot, tiring day. 


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Consumption of honey with water daily will it not cause any side effects like heat and all?

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