Weight Loss: Follow THIS Japanese rule called Hara Hachi Bu to shed extra kilos

Tried everything still unable to lose weight? Try this Japanese rule called Hara Hachi Bu.
Weight Loss: Follow THIS Japanese rule called Hara Hachi Bu to shed extra kilos Weight Loss: Follow THIS Japanese rule called Hara Hachi Bu to shed extra kilos
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Many of us struggle hard to reduce weight. We know that one of the best and natural ways to torch down that extra fat is the combo healthy diet and exercise regime. However, some tricks and tips such as intermittent fasting, fat-burning foods, metabolism boost, and calorie deficit, among others can help to bolster the process of weight loss. Today we are talking about a Japanese method to lose weight which is known as Hara Hachi Bu. 

This helps to avoid overeating.  Many of us eat more than required and the extra calories later turn as fats. To deal with the same, we can follow Hara Hachi bu technique, which is a popular adage among Okinawans. Basically, it is a reminder to stop eating when stomachs are 80 percent full. Apparently, because of this practice, balanced diets which are high in vegetables and fresh fish, Okinawa has the highest population of centenarians in the world.

As per the Mayo Clinic Calorie Calculator, an average-sized 40-year-old woman only needs 1500 to 1700 calories per day to maintain healthy body weight, if physical exercise is excluded. For men, 1900 to 2150 calories are needed to maintain a healthy figure. But most of us, consume way more calories.

Dr. Brian Wansink, author of Mindless Eating revealed that our eating gets affected by several variables such as plates, glasses, food packages, friends, and other situations.
Wansink’s experiments showed that people eat 31 percent more if they eat from a 34-ounce bowl compared to a 17-ounce one. So, the secret is to EAT IN MODERATION. 

Wansink also said, “There is a significant calorie gap between when an American says, ‘I’m full’ and an Okinawan says, ‘I’m no longer hungry.’ We gain weight insidiously, not stuffing ourselves, but eating a little bit too much each day – mindlessly.”

How to follow Hara Hachi bu

Learn to eat only until you are 80 percent full and achieve the same by:

Eat more slowly. If you eat fast, you will eat more. As our brain takes about 15–20 minutes to register with the stomach when it starts getting full, it is better to eat slowly.

Focus on food: In Japan, while eating food they don't watch or do any other activity. In this way, you’ll eat more slowly, chew each morsel, consume less and enjoy the food more.

Use small vessels: Go for smaller plates and use tall, narrow glasses. 

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