Weight Loss: Here's the simple and effective way to lose visceral fat

Want to know how to lose belly fat aka visceral fat, then you are at right place, as today we are talking about an easy and effective way to shed the same. Read on to know more.
weight loss,Health & Fitness,visceral fatWeight Loss: Here's the simple and effective way to lose visceral fat
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Many people complain about the belly fat, but did you know that the fat that sits just below the skin which is known as subcutaneous fat is not what you should just be only concerned about. The fat which is deep inside the abdomen is riskier and is linked to health issues such as heart diseases, diabetes and high blood pressure among others. And that's why one should focus on shedding this type of fat as well. If you are concerned about the same, then fret not, as there is a simple and effective way available. 

What is visceral fat?

This type of belly fat is found inside the abdominal cavity. If you are carrying a lot of visceral fat then let me tell you that it is very harmful can lead to a lot of health disorders such as insulin resistance, heart disease, and cancer among others. One cannot directly measure how much visceral fat they have, however, a protruding belly and large waist size is a sure sign of the same.

How to shed visceral fat?

Walking is one of the best ways to reduce excess belly fat. Just like many other exercises lead to the burning of calories, brisk walking for 45 minutes helps to mobilize and burn the stored fat. So, start brisk walking which is one of the best cardio exercises and say bye to the visceral as well as subcutaneous fat. Aside from melting belly fats, it also helps to reduce body weight and build lean muscle. And the best part is that it is one of the easiest forms of workout which anyone can fit in daily routine.

When it comes to walking, you should make sure that you are walking fast in order to raise the heart rate. Also, it is necessary to walk long enough to burn the stored fat and not sugars. So, brisk pace and at least 45 minutes of it is necessary. The workout will exert your body, make your breathing heavier and will also lead to a lot of perspiration, however, that's the sign of you being in the fat-burning zone. One should also note that everyone's cardio requirements are different. 


The amount of walk you need to lose belly fats depends on a lot of factors. So, the beginners should start with 20-30 minutes a day for 5 days a week and gradually increase or decrease the level of walking routine. Aside from this walking routine, in order to get the best results, maintain it by incorporating a clean diet and you will soon see the results.  

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Change your diet. Get off of sugar, reduce your carbs, eats leafy greens and excerise. Problem solved,QED.

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