Weight Loss: Here's why you should start eating off a dark blue plate

Weight Loss: Try this useful and effective tip of eating food off dark coloured plates. Read on to know more.
weight loss tips,Health & Fitness Weight Loss: Here's why you should start eating off a dark blue plate
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There is no dearth of information about weight loss on the internet. We know that you cannot achieve it overnight but with the help of certain tips and tricks you can amp up the speed. If you are weight watcher then I am assuming that you must be knowing the common hack of eating off a smaller plate, as you will end up eating less which can lead to a calorie deficit. For the unversed, just like physical activity and a healthy diet, some dieticians suggest creating a calorie deficit so that then you can burn off extra stored fats. But are you aware of eating food off a particular hued plate? 

Today we are talking about the science behind eating food from a dark-colored plate. As per research, people eat less if there is a higher contrast in colors between the plate and the food. For example, if you eat light-hued food say mac and cheese off a dark plate, you will probably end up eating less than you may have eaten off a white plate. Unfortunately, white is most preferred color when we buy plates but it only creates a problem for your waistline. This is because the portion looks bigger and stands out more on a darker plate while food just blends in a white plate.

As per the 2011 University of Valencia study, eating off a white plate, as opposed to a dark version, made food taste 7 percent sweeter, 9 percent more enjoyable, and 13 percent more flavorsome. The explanation for the same is that white background triggers sweet food memories.

Blue, red and black plates

As per a study, the blue color is an appetite suppressant as it's not associated with cravings in the brain. When we eat food especially unhealthy food off red plate you may end up eating little bit less as the color red signifies danger and avoid signal so our brain gets that information. 

Sectioned plates and tall glasses

Another plate hack is going for picnic-styled sectioned plates. Keeping aside these hacks, one should make sure to eat off any plate no matter colour, shape or size as it is better than eating off of a bag or box. If you start eating from a box or packet, it is impossible to know how much you have eaten. So, take out some time to find a plate and remove the food items that you have to eat from the box. Speaking of glasses, you should go for a tall and narrow glass. As per the study, people feel they are drinking more from a narrow glass than a small stout one even if the quantity is the same. 

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