Weight Loss Myths Debunked: 6 Things you should stop believing for shedding extra pounds

Weight loss is one of the biggest concerns of everyone right now. But are you following any typical myths? Check out the weight loss myths right below to stop believing them.
Weight Loss Myths Debunked: 6 Things you should stop believing for shedding extra pounds
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Weight loss is a long journey that consists of numerous dos and don’ts. And once you lose weight, your duty isn't over, you have to keep working to maintain that weight. Otherwise, bad eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle will again take you back to your old bodyweight.

Weight loss program is often associated with many myths and people blindly follow them. As a result, there is no improvement in their weight and they suffer from other health issues. So, we have tried to debunk the myths to make your weight loss program easier.

Myths related to weight loss:

1.Weight loss is not always about fat loss; it can be about the body’s water weight as well. This water comes from tissues, joints and body cavities between cells. And it’s not connected to our calorie consumption. Too much intake of sodium or certain changes in hormones can cause this water in the body. But it can quickly be managed by drinking water and exercises.

2.You can reduce your overall weight by diet control and regular workout. But you cannot spot a specific region in your body and shed fats from that part. It is not possible. You can just do exercises that tone muscles thus making certain body parts look slimmer.

3.Juice cleanse and detox have been popular ideas to lose weight quickly. It can reduce your calories in body but you’ll consume a lot of sugar through them. It can spike your blood sugar level and cause weight gain.

4.Another myth for weight loss is that cutting down all your calorie intake reduces fat quickly. Calories are also important for our body. So, drastically cutting them out from your diet plan will not only lead to nutritional deficiency but will also cause weight gain.

5.Carbs have always been shown as a culprit for weight loss. But cutting out carbs entirely can actually make you gain weight. So, have complex carbs like peas, beans, whole grains, veggies, etc.

6.You must have heard that you will see the results quickly. It is a myth. Each body is different from the other based on its metabolism, hormones, environmental factors and overall health. So, your body will definitely respond differently than others in terms of the weight loss program.

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