Weight Loss in Sleep: 7 Surprising ways to shed the extra pounds while sleeping

Sound sleep at night is connected to weight loss. If you have proper sleep regularly, it will reduce the risk of getting obesity. So, here are some effective ways of having sound sleep to lose weight.
Weight Loss in Sleep: 7 Surprising ways to shed the extra pounds while sleeping
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There are countless ways to lose weight and people try tirelessly to burn the extra calories. From diet control to exercises to maintaining weight loss hacks, fitness freaks have tried all these things to shed the fats. However, sometimes due to certain changes, people often gain more weight.

But have you tried to lose your weight while sleeping? Yes! You can even burn your calories in sleep. According to research, deep sleep is connected to weight loss. People with proper sleep tend to have a lower risk of being obese. So, to lose weight, try to have sound sleep every night. And to have good sleep, you may need to follow these ways.

Ways to lose weight in your sleep:

Have seafood and meats

Lamb, turkey, chicken, fish, etc. have a type of amino acid called tryptophan. It has powerful sleep-inducing effects that help you to have a sound sleep at night. And sound sleep is an important key to weight loss. You can also have nuts, lentils, eggs, etc.

Drink a cup of tea

There are certain teas that help to relax the brain so that it can slow down and gives you better sleep. So, have a cup of chamomile, peppermint, lavender, valerian tea that have sedative properties.

Eat whole grains at lunch

Complex carbs are good for weight loss, but you don’t need to have them at dinner. You can eat whole grains at your lunch as they are a potential source of serotonin which gets converted into melatonin in your sleep. And the fibre in it also aids you in having a sound sleep.

Eat less before bed

It is always recommended having a small meal before going to bed because your body will take more time to digest the larger meal and if it is still working then you cannot fall asleep. And the less sleep you get, the more you will be tired after waking up. So, control your portion for dinner and have dinner at least before two hours of sleep.

Have protein shake

Having a glass of protein shake before going to bed will boost your metabolism. Protein is more thermogenic which makes your body burn more calories while digesting it. You can try a vegan protein powder that will keep you away from bloating which happens from whey.

Breathing exercises and meditation

It is good to do some breathing exercises or meditation before hitting the bed as this will make your mind calm. You will feel soothing and fall asleep faster.

Sleep in a darker room

Switch off all the lights of your bedroom to have a sound sleep. Lights not only disturb your sleep but also result in weight gain.

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