Weight Loss: THESE tips are commonly followed but are NOT effective

Following weight loss tips and hacks which are commonly known and followed by many but still you are not losing weight? Then these could be the reasons.
weight loss,Health & FitnessWeight Loss: THESE tips are commonly followed but are NOT effective
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Tried all the commonly followed diets like no-carb, fat-free and low-protein and calorie counted each and everything you had, still, you have not lost weight? Then what went wrong? Why have you hit weight loss plateau even after the following everything to the T. Well, there could be somethings which maybe you are not aware of and which can actually make you gain weight later and not lose weight?

 Some of the weight loss tips are not really full-proof and can be more damaging than helpful. Today we are talking about certain lesser-known reasons why some people are not losing weight even after a healthy diet and calorie deficit. Most of us know how a healthy diet, regular exercising and calorie deficit are important for weight loss but what is the wrong thing that you have been doing while following these three? Read on to know.

1. Forgetting portion sizes and only focusing on healthy foods
The biggest mistake weight watchers do is that they often forget that portion sizes matter as well. There is no doubt about how a healthy diet is important for weight loss but one should also keep a check on the portion size or else your waistline size won't budge. You may be eating salads, steamed fish, and fresh fruits thinking about how you won't gain weight as you are eating healthy.

 But what about the number of calories. Did you know 1 tbsp of olive oil has 150 kilocalories and the same amount of calories are in a large avocado? So, eating too much even if it is a healthy product will not help. Keep a check on portion sizes and burn extra if you eat more. 

2. Juice Diet 
Unfortunately, many people rely on only a juice diet and for some they can do more harm than good. Fresh juices and smoothies should be a part of the diet and NOT a diet. Only juice diet may make you weak, you may lose water as well as muscle mass instead of fat. There are high chances that you may quickly get the weight back. 
Instead of juices, choose whole vegetables and fruits. With them, your body will get all the necessary vitamins and fiber, which is also important for digestion. So, focus on nourishing your body instead of depriving nutrients and soon you will see weight loss as a natural side effect.

3. Cut down all carbs
It is important to understand about good carbs and bad carbs just like we should know about bad fat and good fat. Good versions of fat, as well as carbs, are equally important like other macro and micronutrients for health as well as weight loss. It is important to shun refined carbs like white bread, maida and other packaged and baked goodies.

Healthy carbs found in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, or legumes in the right quantities are important for our body. And if you have been maintaining calorie deficit or follow a low or no-carb diet for many months or years, your metabolic rate may start to slow down.

4. Wrong calorie counting
Did you know the calorie of foods counted by burning a sample of a product in a hermetic chamber? And the same is usually written on the nutrition facts label on a product. However, nobody can actually count how many calories will be digested. So, choose a product by paying attention to how healthy and nutrient-packed it is. 

For example, the half chocolate bar has 300 kilocalories and so does a handful of almonds. One can count calories as per nutrients by this simple technique. 

5. Doing only cardio exercises
For results, just cardio will not help. So, along with cardio sessions include resistance training as well and lift weights. This will help to lose weight as you get muscles, prevents metabolic slowdown, and also you get a toned figure. 

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