Weight Loss: THESE two berries can help you lose weight

Bored of eating the same old oatmeal and daliya? Then add these two berries to your diet right away. Strawberries and mulberries will not only add flavour and taste to your boring oatmeal, but will also help with weight loss.
Weight Loss: THESE two berries can help you lose weight Weight Loss: THESE two berries can help you lose weight
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To maintain a healthy lifestyle, and to achieve our weight loss goals, we tend to eat healthy things and try to avoid junk as much as we can. When it comes to healthy eating, our most important meal of the day - breakfast needs to be healthy. It needs to have all the vital nutrients and should also be filling and tasty. We opt for oatmeal, daliya, upma, poha, and salads for our breakfast, but sometimes we don't like their taste, and hence we end up consuming something unhealthy. 


But what if we tell you that you can now make your oats and daliya healthy by adding these two berries in them. These two berries - mulberries and strawberries will not only add some colour to your dull looking oats but being healthy, they'll help you with weight loss too. 



So consider adding these two berries to your oats and daliya right now. They not only add a nice tangy and tarty taste to our oats but are packed with a bunch of nutrients that our body needs daily. Apart from being rich in nutrients, these berries can also help us achieve our weight loss goals. Both strawberries and mulberries have a high value of soluble fibres and dietary fibre that helps with our digestive system.  


Mulberries help to strengthen the digestive tract and also helps with bloating and constipation. They have a naturally sweet taste, and hence can also be consumed as a substitute for sugar. Whereas, strawberries are the only fruit to have seeds-a source of small amounts of omega-3 fatty acids- on their exterior.  It's also good for the digestive system and helps to keep our heart healthy. And as per research, a healthy digestive system is a key to a sustainable weight loss. 


Add both these berries to your breakfast meals, or you can also consume them as individual fruits with your breakfast. Consume these two berries daily and do let us know in the comment section below as to how they have helped you with weight loss. 

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