What are anxiety dreams? Here is how you can cope with them

Anxiety dreams can take a toll on your health. Read on to know how you can cope with these dreams and induce a better night’s sleep.
anxiety,sleep,Health & Fitness,anxiety dreamsWhat are anxiety dreams? Here is how you can cope with them
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Nothing beats a good night’s sleep after a long day of work, especially when you’re dealing with stress or anxiety. But what if that anxiety creeps into your dreams, sleep would no longer feel like a solace. That’s right, anxiety dreams are a thing and they can very unpleasant. They disrupt your sleep and aggravate the anxiety. It might even lead you to constantly worry if something bad is about to happen. 

Anxiety dreams are any dreams that stress you out or make you anxious the next morning. You might feel nervous during the dream, and emotions might linger after you wake up. So, if you suffer from anxiety you might experience nightmares that make you feel even more anxious. The anxiety you feel when you wake up can last a whole day – it’s a vicious cycle. 

Some common causes of anxiety dreams. 


Traumatic events 

Insomnia (disrupted sleep) 

Drug use 


Sudden life changes that provoke uncertainty 

Do they mean anything? 

According to experts, dreams don’t particularly mean anything but they are related to what you do on a particular day. Imagine having a stressful day where your boss yells at you, you might dream of getting fired. But just because you dream of something like this, it doesn’t mean that it’ll happen. You’re more likely to have anxiety dreams if you constantly keep worrying about them. 

Here is how you can cope with these dreams: 

1. Try going back to sleep in case you wake up in the middle of the night. It can be difficult, so you can try a few things to induce sleep like a relaxing activity – quiet music, read a book, breathing exercise. 

2. Keep your light dim and avoid watching TV or scrolling through your phone at least half an hour before you go to sleep to avoid waking up in the middle of the night. 

3. If you can’t go back to sleep, do some stretches instead. Try not to get cranky and keep yourself calm by drinking some water, taking a walk around the house or a warm bath might work. 

4. If you’re someone who has had their fair share of anxiety dreams, you might have a habit of looking at the clock after waking up. Checking time every 10 minutes will help you let go of the anxiety dreams, but it will make you feel stressed about all the sleep you’ve missed. 

5. You might not be able to eliminate anxiety as such but you can try to manage it. Try yoga, deep breathing, writing your thoughts – whatever helps to steer clear of the anxiety. 

6. Start a bedtime routine that allows you to relax and help you get better sleep. Sticking to a routine might keep your mind from wandering to negative thoughts that lead to these dreams. 

7. Avoid all things that stress you out or give you anxiety before going to bed. It might not be possible to completely avoid it but try to handle it to keep your health in check. 

8. Exercise is the holy grail of keeping your mind and body fit. 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day can improve your well-being. Try brisk walking, swimming, cycling, hiking. 

9. Talking to someone about these dreams might help you. Sharing your feelings with someone might help alleviate the impact of these feelings. Not only that, talking to your loved ones about your worries and anxiety might even improve your symptoms. 

You should know that good sleep plays an important role in improving and keeping your health in check. Sleep deficiency has been associated with an increased risk of heart diseases, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and stroke. So, try to focus on the positives to get a better sleep and keep yourself healthy.

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