What are bioactives? Here's everything about the immunity booster

Bioactives have proven to be one of the best sources for better immunity. Check out some facts and natural sources of this effective power booster.

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What are bioactives? Here's everything about the immunity booster
What are bioactives? Here's everything about the immunity booster

A robust immune system is key to healthy living. Even for the smallest of health issues, it is vital to keep your body’s defense mechanism steady and strong. One of the easiest and the most effective ways to boost your immunity is to derive it from various foods and supplements. These nutrients not only help in boosting your immune system but also increases the energy levels and stamina in your day-to-day life. Many of us opt for fad diets to get into the desired shape or even go for rigorous workout sessions to get toned and fit. 

Most of us are even addicted to painkillers and other medications to get rid of aches and pains. While these may give temporary solutions, one must comprehend the fact that it is also short-lived and it can affect the body in the long run especially to keep up your immunity. It can also have a bad impact on the body if one opts for it without consulting your dietician or fitness experts. Bioactives have proven to be one of the best sources of boosting your immunity and mentioned below are some facts to know more about this effective power booster.

About Bioactives

Bioactives are nothing but the chemicals and microbes present in your food that are beneficial for good health. They have a different biological effect on the body and are plant-based phytochemicals they are either added or naturally present in your food. 

Bioactives consumed via foods can cause no deficiency to your body. This means that lesser consumption of it can cause no harm and in fact should be consumed more in your diet, as it may aid to have a significant impact on your health like:

Upholding digestive health
Averting chronic diseases
Dealing with heart diseases and improving brain health
Improving metabolism
Building overall energy levels 

Ways to increase the consumption of Bioactives in your diet :

Bioactives are present in the foods that one mostly consumes on an everyday basis like yogurt, tomatoes, carrots to name a few. While you must be aware of the nutritional value that these foods offer, let’s know more about the bioactives present in them:

Probiotics: These are good bacteria present in fermented foods like yogurt. Probiotics help in improving digestion and also aids in deriving the required nutrition from the source. These also help in maintaining the energy levels and stamina in the body and is very effective for good intestinal health.  

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Carotenoids: These are the coloured pigments generally seen in various fruits and veggies like watermelon, tomatoes, bell peppers to name a few. Carotenoids have a wide range of health benefits as they are a great source of antioxidants in the body which also helps in building immunity. These bioactive improves eyesight, safeguards the cells and tissues from hazardous free radicals, and helps in vitamin A synthesis. 


Omega 3 fatty acids: Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid and one of the most important bioactive which needs to be obtained by our daily food intake as it is not naturally present inside the human body. Fatty fish, avocadoes, nuts, and leafy vegetables are some of the most effective Omega 3 rich foods. This source of nutrients has remarkable health benefits to combat age-related issues in our body. It is also a vital tool for improving mental health, building metabolism, energy synthesis, improving vision, and upholding cardiovascular health. 

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Curcumin: The importance of turmeric in Indian households is quite evident. It is because of the beneficial healing properties that make it a necessary ingredient in every kitchen. It is mostly added in your daily diet foods like curries and cooked veggies. However, many of us are unaware that the key substance which makes turmeric so useful and powerful is Curcumin. Due to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties, it aids to combat inflammation, which is the origin of many chronic diseases in the body and also lessens immunity. It has also proven to be a super ingredient to strengthen joints, have a stronger heart, sharper brain, and a healthy liver. Curcumin is also effective for healthy and glowing skin and its consumption keeps viruses and infections at bay. 


Bioactives can certainly be derived from the daily food intake, however, consuming the right amount of it is of prime importance. In some cases, most of these nutrients when eaten might be absorbed prematurely, thus not being able to provide your body with its real benefits. Another way for these bioactive to enter our body is via supplementation, ensuring that you are receiving the right amount with the maximum consistent form which is most bio-available to the body. Additionally, many supplements include a mixture of other nutrients that further enhances the benefits of the primary bioactive substance. Moreover, it is important to realize that bioactive consumed in any form i.e. either from foods or via supplements, is an essential source in order to achieve a stronger and everlasting immunity. 


By Ms. Honey Thaker, Head Nutritionist - Fitness Science & Nutrition, Purenutrition.me.

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