What is Cardio Bhangra? Expert opines if it is a better fitness activity than the traditional exercises

Due to the prolonged COVID 19 scenario, we have been unable to go to gym or any other workout activity classes which is impacting out health. So, Ankit Rajawat, Founder CEO, Bhangra Dynasty talks about why they should practice Cardio Bhangra as an alternative option for better effect.
How to do Cardio Bhangra How to do Cardio Bhangra
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Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the government had to impose various restrictions to curb the spread of the virus. Staying within the four walls of our homes is the need of the hour. However, it may have negative impact on one’s health and well-being as well. It can cause serious health and fitness concerns in one’s life. It becomes imperative to keep ourselves healthy and fit in these difficult times. Going to gyms or fitness centers can be highly dangerous. So, what can one do to stay away from physical health consequences?

Alternative to the traditional workout routine?

Well, Cardio Bhangra is one of the best fitness exercises to do at home. It is considered to be the best fitness activity if you want to be in shape or shed those extra kilos. After all, Bhangra is the most energetic dance form in our country. A feeling of well-being and happiness starts as soon as you hear the first Bhangra beat and you bounce to the first simple Bhangra step. It has numerous health benefits as well. So, Ankit Rajawat, Founder CEO, Bhangra Dynasty talks about Cardio Bhangra and why it’s a great fitness activity.

What is Cardio Bhangra?

Cardio Bhangra is the perfect fusion of technical Bhangra moves and the high-intensity cardio workout. It is a non-stop 50 min session which consists of a whole-body exercise but majorly focusing on your shoulder and leg muscles. One can burn up to 1000 calorie once and a new bee can touch around 500 on the first day itself. Bhangra is a feeling of total euphoria at the end of the session. An hour of Cardio Bhangra will take away any blues you might have.

How it’s different from other cardio?

Running do burn a lot of calories during the run, but the moment you’re finished with your running, that calorie burn goes back to normal. But in Cardio Bhangra, there’s actually an afterburn effect up to 24 to 48 hours post workout. Your metabolism will be running higher after an intense workout, meaning you’ll end up burning more calories overall despite the shorter workout time. Because of the intense session, you can pack a lot of moves into a really short amount of time to work on your entire body in a single quick session.

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