What is pregnancy bloating? 8 Essential tips for moms to be to reduce this condition

Bloating is a condition when you feel gas and pain which is caused by inappropriate digestion and constipation. It is a very common condition during pregnancy. So, here are 8 tips to reduce it.
What is pregnancy bloating? 8 Essential tips for moms to be to reduce this condition
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Bloating is one of the most common symptoms in pregnancy. It makes you feel pain and creates discomfort in the body. It may first start to occur in 11th week of pregnancy and lasts till the delivery. Bloating, gas and burping are caused by the hormone progesterone, but it is also necessary as it maintains your health in pregnancy.

Progesterone helps to smoothen muscle tissues making them relax, but this slows down our digestion process. And this causes the bloating, discomfort and gases in the body. So, here’s all you need to know about bloating in pregnancy.

How to tackle bloating in pregnancy?

Tips to reduce pregnancy bloating:

1.Drink plenty of water to reduce constipation and improve digestion. This will eventually reduce the bloating and gas as well.

2.Fibre rich diet is the secret remedy to reduce pregnancy bloating and gas. So, increase your fibre intake by adding foods like legumes, whole grains, leafy greens, fruits in your diet plan. This will also improve your constipation issue.

3.Always opt for smaller meals in an entire day. Instead of overeating in one meal, try to have six smaller meals- three moderate ones and three small snacks. This will keep your digestion on track reducing gas, bloating, pain and heartburn.

4.Always eat slowly. If you finish all your meals in 5 minutes, then you will end up having gas bubbles and pain in your stomach. Because with your fast-eating, you are swallowing a lot of gas also which causes the bloating.

5.Never get stressed out when you are eating. This will also make you swallow a lot of air causing gas and pain. So, be relaxed and take deep breaths before eating.

6.Prenatal exercises or yoga are a must during this time to stay fit and reduce bloating. But do avoid any strenuous workout. You can walk for 30 minutes.

7.Before doing any experiments with your diet, always consult your gynaecologist and dietitian.

8.You can also take some stool softener to reduce constipation and normalise digestion.

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