What is a sustainable diet for summers? Dietician and lifestyle coach Gauri Anand explains

Updated on May 12, 2021 07:09 AM IST  |  209.7K
What is a sustainable diet for summers? Dietician and lifestyle coach Gauri Anand explains

Summers are the reason why we switch to more hydrating fruits and vegetables. It is the season where one needs to ensure a more balanced diet so that the body can retain its original form of energy and survive the heat. Overeating in summers will make you lethargic and fewer fluids will keep you bloated leading to various complications during this season. 

Dietician and lifestyle coach, Gauri Anand explains what is a sustainable diet for summers and what all should you include in your diet to beat the heat.

A sustainable diet for summer is a diet that has a balance of drinks and a variety of fruits, vegetables. Since the main problem that comes in summers is dehydration. So, a diet having an option of some coolers, smoothies and fruit bowls will be sustainable. Here is what you can consume this summer.

Fruit bowls

These are a healthy way of snacking in between meals. You can add multiple sliced fruits in a bowl and have it in the afternoon or as your breakfast in the morning. Thrown in some vitamin C rich fruits like oranges and Kiwi. You can add watermelon, muskmelon and some berries.


This is the ultimate go-to beverage that you must include in your summer diet. It instantly rejuvenates you and keeps you refreshed as your body loses its fluids. It also helps in digestion after a heavy meal on a summer day. 


Make yourself a glass of smoothie that is perfect for your health and to retain all the nutrients in your body. A perfect mix of smoothies will instantly refresh you. It keeps your body cool and keeps you fit. You can look online for several smoothie recipes. 


Another go-to beverage for summers is a fresh glass of lemonade with ice cubes in it. It is the perfect drink to refresh yourself from the scorching heat. You can easily drink 4 glasses of lemonade on a hot summer day. 

Green and leafy vegetables

This goes without saying, green and leafy vegetables like sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, cucumber and spinach are a must to survive the heat. These vegetables are high in protein and water content that your body requires during the summer.

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