Which sort of meditation suits your personality? Find Out

There are different types of meditation which suit different types of personalities. So, Grand Master Akshar shows you which mediation is best for your personality.
Meditation According to Personality Which sort of meditation suits your personality? Find Out
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The world is a melting pot and all are unique with their own individual identities. Considering that, it is not possible to suggest the same meditation technique for everybody. Based on one's personality you can choose a meditation technique that is most suitable for your type. Meditation techniques are beneficial for the mind, body, and soul. They release stress, and make you feel relaxed, giving you focus and clarity. So, Grand Master Akshar shows you which mediation is best for your personality.

For example, if a person has an aggressive personality then a meditation technique such as Tratak meditation is not recommended for him or her. This is very contradictory to their personality type. You cannot also advise them to practice Darpan Dhyan which is a form of mirror meditation. Therefore on the basis of their mood, personality type and behaviour, one can suggest a meditation technique that will be not only suitable for them but also give them the maximum benefit.

It is not possible to compare one meditation technique with another. Each practice is unique and special with its own set of benefits and advantages. For those people who have an affinity towards nature and love being deep in the jungle, or any such natural environment, a meditation technique known as Prakriti Dhyan is best suited for them. Through this practice, they can deepen the connection that they have with nature and also resonate better with this sort of practice.

There are some who are inclined towards accumulating wealth and achieving financial abundance in life. For them the meditation technique known as Swarna Dhyan or golden meditation is recommended. Also known as Golden Elephant Meditation, this technique works best to attract abundance into one's life.

In any given social setting you will always find a certain group of people who prefer to be with themselves.  For these introverted folks, Antar Naad Dhyan is the best meditation technique. With this practice, they can go deeper within themselves and enjoy this inner silence that the practice brings.

The meditation technique known as Himalaya Dhyan is recommended for those looking for accelerated growth in their spiritual journey. This meditation technique is specifically for those who are deep in the practice of yoga and are interested in progress and success in this path.

Like these, there are hundreds and thousands of meditation techniques that can cater to specific personality types, each having with their own special benefits. Some of these meditation practices are Super Power Meditation, Aarambh Dhyan or Seed Meditation, Jal Dhyan, Samudra Dhyan, etc.

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