Why it is so difficult to avoid touching our face and how to deal with it?

Here's why we keep touching our faces and how to deal with it? Read on to know more.
Why it is so difficult to avoid touching our face and how to deal with it?
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We do expressions, gestures and movements unknowingly and several times a day. We use our face, eyes, hands, and legs to express our feelings sometimes consciously and most of the time unconsciously. One of the common reactions is touching the face. Most of the time we are not aware of it but we end up doing many times a day every day. 

And now amid COVID-19 pandemic times, we have been asked specifically to not touch our face as our hands can be dirty and filled with germs and unwanted material, and touching face can only increase our chances of getting infected. But have you wondered why it is so difficult to keep hands off our face? If you are curious just like me, then let's find out the root causes and whys of the same. 

Natural response and our body language

Do you know sometimes we cover our faces with hands when we are bored even without noticing it? This is because we are wired to express our thoughts and emotions through gestures, and body language. 

We use our hands to express emotions as well. With the help of body language, we can effectively tell people how we are feeling. As per a study, during normal activities, we touch our faces up to 23 times per hour. And one more study found that non-verbal communication is dominant especially when we express emotions.

A reflex to stress

When we stressed it triggers our body that we need comfort. This is expressed through the parasympathetic nervous system. Since touching certain parts of your face can activate it, we start touching face out of reflex when stressed.

How to change the habit of constant touching of the face?

The first and foremost thing you should do is to find out what’s making you touch your face. Once you know that, you may become more cautious and conscious of touching your face constantly.

Whenever you feel stressed or anxious use a ball to keep you distracted. 

Wear perfume or lotion on your hands, so you will always get reminded as soon as you bring your hand near face.

As mentioned stress is one of the reasons to bring it down with the help of meditation, yoga, or breathing exercises. Take a break if you are too much stressed.

Remember that it will be difficult to deal with the same as sometimes we take up to 66 days to form a habit.

Last but not the least, make sure your hands clean as you may do touch it sometimes. 

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