Why teeth scaling is important to maintain healthy oral hygiene: Explained by Dr Gunita Singh

Teeth scaling is an essential part along with brushing and mouth-washing to maintain good oral hygiene. So, Dr Gunita Singh, Director of Dentem explains why it’s highly important to prevent any tooth decay.
Why teeth scaling is important to maintain healthy oral hygiene: Explained by Dr Gunita Singh
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Good oral hygiene is a secret of a beautiful smile. Hence, it’s always highly important to maintain good oral hygiene, brush twice a day, do mouth rinsing after every meal, do gum massages regularly and tongue cleaning. But even after all this, professional cleaning is a must, you can never reach the area where a hygienist can professionally reach. A thorough round of scaling is a must once in six months in order to make sure that there are no particles stuck in any areas of your teeth.

Teeth scaling is a procedure used to eliminate tartar which is also called plaque or calculus. It is done with the help of ultrasonic scalers in the dental office. To increase awareness amongst people about the importance of teeth scaling, Dr Gunita Singh, Director, Dentem shares her views on how scaling is helpful to maintain good oral hygiene. 

Benefits of teeth scaling by Dr Gunita Singh:

Benefits of scaling:

1.Gaps in between teeth

Sometimes there is a gap in between teeth which is impossible to clean with a normal brush. The food gets accumulated over there and deposits as calculus (hard deposits) in between the teeth which is mandatory to be cleaned. So professional scaling is the only answer.

2.For cavities and tooth decay

Cavities are the starting point of any dental issue. Teeth scaling prevents such cavities by cleaning the occlusal surface. These cavities further house plaque deposits which further leads to damage of the teeth. Imagine how a simple procedure can lead to saving major problems later.

3.Prevents gum diseases

Plaque, calculus, food deposits all accumulate on the cervical 1/3rd of the teeth that means closer to the gums and constantly irritate gums all time. Sometimes the patients try to remove the same with toothpicks and threads further leading to irritations and gum problems like gingivitis, periodontitis, etc. By scaling your teeth, you can avoid all this. 

4.Prevents bad breath

Regular scaling makes sure that your oral cavity is clean and fresh. When the oral cavity is clean, obviously the bacteria will be in control and when bacteria will be in control the oral cavity feels fresh and smells much better, so one of the major problems of bad breath will be taken care of by scaling.

5.Saves money

Scaling is one of the most inexpensive treatments in dentistry which can save you from restorations, RCTs, gum surgeries and whatnot. These treatments are generally quite expensive than scaling. But you can avoid all these with just the latter one. 

Dental scaling can be uncomfortable for some, especially if not done regularly. Sensitive gums can be a problem too but speak to your dentist. He can make you comfortable with anaesthetic sprays. But don’t avoid scaling because of the uncomforting feeling because this can be done in one or several visits depending on the conditions of teeth and choice of dentist. Post scaling teeth feel sensitive, the mouth may feel a little sore, might have some bleeding but it is all OK. The dentist prescribes desensitising toothpaste for seven days accompanied by home mouthwashes and gum gels. So, you will be fine.

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