Women having irregular periods have chances of dying young, according to study

Having irregular periods, long menstrual cycle or missed periods? Chances are that it might lead to severe health issues and study suggests that it might lead to an early death. Find out why this needs to be given more attention by doctors.
period crampsWomen having irregular periods have chances of dying young, according to study
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Next time, you miss your period or have an irregular menstrual cycle, bring it to a doctor’s notice and get it checked as a new study by BMJ, they suggest that having irregular periods and long menstrual cycles might increase the risk of having major chronic diseases at an early age. Doctors need to pay more attention to women’s menstrual cycle and assess the patient’s health to keep a regular check and look for these vital signs that could potentially be the factors for developing chronic diseases.

A team of US-based researchers found that women who have reported having irregular periods were found to be experiencing higher mortality rates than women who have regular periods. Of course, other factors like lifestyle, age, weight and family medical history also happen to be the agents apart from the menstrual cycle.

Over the course of a 24-year time period, the researchers kept track of women’s health conditions and their menstrual cycle. Women who reported that their menstrual cycle length was 40 days long between the age of 18 to 22 and 29 to 46 were more likely to die at a young age that is before 70 than women who reported a regular cycle of 26 to 31 days in the same age bracket.

The cause of death could be related to cardiovascular diseases or other chronic diseases. 

However, there’s no cause for alarm and women shouldn’t be frightened by the findings of the study as these are merely symptoms and signs, not a diagnosis. We’re all aware of the PCOS and the cause it has on the menstrual cycle. Having PCOS with an irregular menstrual cycle can be treated, and it is vital that these women refer to the doctor to reduce any kind of health risks.

The study was observational and the participants in the study could have other factors that played a significant role in impacting their health like nightshifts, weight and lifestyle conditions.

DISCLAIMER: It is important to seek advice from a doctor and take precautionary measures. Go through an evaluation to check for any vital signs of their hormones and metabolism and take necessary steps to improve their overall health.

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