Women's Health: Here are 4 health conditions that women are more prone to developing

Updated on Mar 11, 2020 12:55 PM IST  |  715.9K
Women's Health: Here are 4 health conditions that women are more prone to developing

Women often tend to ignore their health a lot more than anyone else. They're always so busy caring for those around them that they forget to prioritise their own health. They fail to take care of their health which often harms them in the long run. Women are at a higher risk of developing certain health problems which is why there are health concerns that women should pay more attention to. Moreover, the lack of health care can put them at a higher risk of developing health problems. Most of these women are often unaware of the health conditions that they're more prone to and this is why caring for their bodies takes a backseat. Being aware is the first step towards better healthcare and when it comes to women's health, we definitely need more awareness. Women need to start paying more attention to their health and prioritise it because that goes a long way in boosting women's health. Here are some common health problems that women tend to develop.

1. Breast Cancer

This is one of the most common types of cancer that kills a large number of women. This is mostly because women fail to go for regular checkups and screening for breast cancer. There is a lack of awareness about this problem and it's treatment. Detecting this problem in time can help save your life.

2. Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Women often struggle to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases mainly due to the lack of awareness and when they do end up with a problem they fail to get treatment due to the social stigma around it. Women do not know much about STD's and vaginal infections that can make their lives difficult and end up struggling with it.

3. Depression

Most women are more in touch with their emotions and are emotionally aware which puts them at a higher risk of developing a mental health problem. The statistics say that more women are struggling with depression as compared to men.

4. Osteoporosis

Due to the lack of healthcare as well as their hormones, most women are vulnerable to a bone-related problem like osteoporosis. The diet that women eat and the behaviours that they develop from childhood until their adulthood plays a major role in how their bones behave. It's important for women to have a higher calcium intake and develop their bones and maintain them.