Working from home? 5 Easy exercises by Rujuta Diwekar to keep yourself fit and healthy

Working from home has many of us lazy and sitting for prolonged hours can take a toll on your health. Check out the workout routine specially designed by celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar for people working from home.
Working from home? 5 Easy exercises by Rujuta Diwekar to keep yourself fit and healthy
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Of late, remote working is the new norm as companies try to figure out how production can continue without disruptions. If you too are working from home, chances are you are still struggling to find a routine. In a bid to keep themselves active during work from home, people are trying to find new ways to work out. According to celebrity nutritionist and fitness coach Rujuta Diwekar, you must exercise “to keep your body and mind calm.” 

The wellness coach has created a simple workout plan that even couch potatoes can’t say no to – 3 minutes every hour while working from home. Along with the workout schedule, she also shared some fitness tips that will have you keep fit and your overall health in check. “Let your desk setup stay as is, and put a yoga mat in front of your eyes so that it calls you to come and exercise,” she said.

5 exercises by Rujuta Diwekar for people working from home. 

1. You will need a chair and a yoga mat. 

2. Stand up for 3 minutes every 30 minutes of work. After doing this, work for another 30 minutes and do the exercises mentioned below. This means that you have to do one exercise after every hour of sitting down. 

3. Repeat each exercise 5 times. 

Things to keep in mind: 

Hour 1

This exercise is good for the glutes, quadriceps and your core. 

Exercise: Start with placing a chair against the wall, atop your yoga mat. Face the opposite direction while keeping your back to the wall. Now slowly sit on the chair and stand up quickly. 

Hour 2

This move will target the inner thighs, which get weak when you work from home. “Sitting too much means your inner thighs get weak, the stomach starts sagging, and you put pressure on the lower back and the uterus,” said Diwekar. 

Exercise: Face the chair and move into a squat position, widening the gap between the knees, and keep your butt just a few inches above the ground. You can use the chair for support if you are struggling to keep your balance. 

Hour 3

Diwekar explains that it is important to work on your neck and shoulders that will help you open up your chest and shoulders. It will also help battle the ‘neck tech posture’ that ruins your overall posture and lead to the other health problems. 

Exercise: With your palms wide open and fingers pointed to the roof, place your palms on either corner of the chair as though you are pushing the chair backwards. Now, bend down from the pelvis, keeping your back and knees straight. Lift your butt while pushing the chest towards the floor. Make sure you are pushing your thighs away from your hamstrings. Count to 5 and repeat 5 times. 

Hour 4 

This exercise focuses on your back, which can suffer when you sit for long hours. 

Exercise: Lie down on the mat and hold the legs of the chair. Now, lift your body off the ground and bring your chest closer to the chair. Make sure your toes are lifted. Count to 5 and come down. Repeat this 5 times. 

Hour 5 

Exercise: Get into a plank position and place your feet on the edge of the chair. Keep your palms on the floor and body parallel to the floor. Make sure your knees are straight, hips are squeezed and core is engaged. Hold the position for 5 counts, and relax. Repeat 5 times. 

Check out the video right below: 

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