Working out and not losing weight? 7 reasons why that weighing scale won’t budge

Trying to lose weight but not able to? Here are 7 possible explanations for why you are struggling with weight loss.
weight loss tips,Health & Fitness,weight loss mistakes Working out and not losing weight? 7 reasons why that weighing scale won’t budge
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Have you done more planks than you can count, but no matter how hard you try you can’t seem to shed the extra kilos? Day after day, you are eating salads while your friends are continuously attacking desserts and binging on burgers. You might be thinking why are you not losing weight when you're depriving yourself of food and working out is the right way to lose weight. 

Losing weight isn’t easy and it can be frustrating, especially when you’re trying everything you can to lose weight. There are multiple reasons why you might not be losing weight despite your continuous efforts to do the same. It can be your genetics, meaning some of us are just born with more fat cells so it might take more time. But there can be other reasons too.

Here are 7 of the most common reasons why you might not be losing weight: 

1) You’re not eating the right foods 

Losing weight is not about eating less food than you used to. It is about eating the right foods in the right quantity. Instead of focusing all your energy on burning calories, you should also concentrate what foods you are including in your diet. 

2) You’re eating too much 

Along with eating the right foods, you need to keep in mind that burning more calories than you consume is extremely important when you’re trying to lose weight. So, it’s all about balance between eating the right foods and exercise. Also, you should eat meals rich in essential nutrients to keep your weight in check. 

3) Your cheat days might be the culprit 

Depriving yourself of everything for a whole week and binging everything you can on a Sunday is not how it should be. Instead of letting the craving mount, try to squeeze in a little treat every now and then. Avoid foods high in sugar and salt as it can prevent you from moving towards your weight-loss goals. 

4) You have a hormonal imbalance

A hormonal imbalance can lead to a decline in the production of estrogen – a hormone responsible for the development and regulation of the female reproductive system. One of these hormones called estradiol helps regulate metabolism and body weight. Low levels of this hormone can make it difficult for one to lose weight. Some of the most common causes of a hormonal imbalance include menopause, PCOS and lactation. 

5) You eat mindlessly when distracted 

If you eat your meals sitting in front of the TV or watching your favourite show online, chances are you’ll end up eating more than you need. Comfort eating is a huge obstacle if you’re trying to lose weight. Mindlessly munching on unhealthy food will make you unsatisfied, causing you to eat more later. Eat smaller portions, eat at the table and make healthier food choices. 

6) You’re stressing 

Stress has a direct impact on your weight. High levels of stress can lead to a higher production of cortisol in the system. When cortisol spikes, your insulin levels rise and blood sugar levels drop, which might lead to sugar cravings. So, you might reach out for chocolates, cookies – comfort foods. 

To avoid this, you need to keep your stress levels in check. You can try mediation, talk to friends and family, do moderate exercise, indulge in a hobby to distract your mind and get plenty of sleep. 

7) You have set unrealistic goals

You can’t lose weight in just a few days or weeks. If you think you can lose all the weight in just a few weeks, you’re wrong. It takes a lot of determination and perseverance to stick to your goal for months and get rid of all the extra weight. Crash dieting and spending long hours at the gym for one month and quitting won’t cut it. 

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