World Coconut Day: 5 Health benefits of coconut that you should know about

Updated on Sep 02, 2021 06:30 PM IST  |  188.5K
world coconut day
5 Benefits of coconut that you should know about

World Coconut Day is celebrated on September 2 every year. This day is especially observed in the Asia region that is home to the world’s most coconut production. India is the third-largest coconut producer behind Indonesia and the Philippines.

On this day, people acknowledge several health benefits of using coconut as it is considered to be one of the healthiest food choices. Coconut is a versatile food that has traditional value and it can serve as a multipurpose food with several health benefits.


Here are 5 benefits of using coconut in your daily routine.

Good for dental health

Coconut oil is known to have medium-chain fatty acid (MCFA) that is good for your dental hygiene. It helps to prevent infections caused by root canals and kill bacteria in the mouth. It guards your teeth against the cavity and protects your gums.

Good for weight loss

Coconut provides good cholesterol which may help in losing those extra pounds. It is a healthy choice for those looking for a low carb diet. It can easily be added to your diet and consumed in various forms.


Reduces heart risk

Since it promotes good cholesterol, coconut is an excellent ingredient for promoting a healthy heart. Consuming virgin coconut oil can reduce your chances of heart disease and diabetes.

Good for hydration

Coconut water can be consumed on a daily basis, it is highly nutritious and packed with minerals that your body needs. The electrolytes that are present in coconut water are essential to keep your body hydrated and energetic. 


Controls sugar level

Coconut is low in carbohydrates and high in amino acids. It has the ability to normalize your sugar levels and since coconut is a high fibre content food, it also aids digestion and improves insulin resistance.

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