World Health Day 2020: What is the secret to good health? Experts share hacks & tips

World Health Day 2020: Dr. Deepti Bagree, Dr. Siddhant Bhargava and Mr. Luke Coutinho have shared tips and hacks that people should follow to lead a healthy life.
Health & Fitness,World Health Day 2020World Health Day 2020: What is the secret to good health? Experts share hacks & tips
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Every year World Health Day, which is a global health awareness day, is celebrated on April 7. Each year there is a specific theme and this year the theme is to support nurses and midwives. The same recognises and celebrates the work of nurses and midwives and their role in keeping the world healthy. Amid Coronavirus pandemic, right now, nurses and many several health workers are battling against it as frontliners. They have put their own health at risk to protect the community. 

Speaking of World Health Day, the day promotes healthy living. In order to lead a healthy life, one should make important lifestyle changes. Healthy practices will help us to prevent diseases such as Coronavirus among others. Right now the world is gripped by the COVID-19 pandemic and the importance of health and better immunity is now being highlighted and acknowledged more than ever. Today on the occasion of World Health Day, we have asked two health experts to share health secrets. 

World Health Day: Hacks and tips for better health

Mr. Luke Coutinho, Advisor of Integrative Lifestyle and Nutrition at said, "As the world battles a global pandemic, we have all realised the pivotal role of our immunity in keeping us safe. Having good immunity takes you beyond just fighting infections and viruses, it helps you be fit and energetic and also recover from any illness much more quickly. Building stronger immunity depends on four pillars, i.e. eating right, being active and exercising on a daily basis, emotional health and proper sleep."

"Working out, or simply put "movement and activity" and eating right as per your body is a must to be fit, even when you are at home. Along with this, you can boost your health by incorporating curcumin and Vitamin C rich foods in your daily diet. Derived from turmeric, curcumin boosts immunity and has potent anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties that promote a healthy immune system. Plus, it helps in joint and skin health and can help prevent the early onset of chronic diseases. On the other hand, vitamin C supplement is packed with antioxidants that fight viruses and toxins within the body, and boost the body's natural defense systems. It is important that one also looks after their emotional health and do not compromise on their sleep for better immunity and overall well-being."

Dr. Deepti Bagree, National Head- Healthcare Division, RESET - Holistic Living Concepts said, "Health is wealth is an old saying and nothing can be more important than good health. Since the time famous people are trying various remedies or hacks to stay fit and healthy. However, since every individual is different, most of these hacks prove good as symptomatic relief. To enjoy long term good health, one needs to do more specific changes in their lifestyle which are doable and more sustainable."

Her tips are as follows:

Wake up early:

Remember the saying “Early to bed and early to rise makes you healthy, wealthy and wise". I completely agree with this as people who wake up early show better productivity through the day, better creativity and enjoy good health than their late rising counterparts. There are various benefits of waking up early like maintaining healthy meal timings, glowing skin, time for exercising, sleeping early, better concentration and focus, etc.


Focusing on a particular object, chanting a mantra or just focusing on breathing can help one cut off from the world and bring in a meditative stage. This way the person feels more inward than on the outside world. Feels more connected to self that helps in self-improvement. It helps manage blood pressure, anxiety and overcome depression. 10 minutes of meditation is good enough to begin with gradually increasing the duration as per one's comfort.


Although not so new concept however it’s gaining popularity all over again. In early eras, fasting was mostly done for religious purposes and mostly by female members of the family but in present times it’s observed as a health tool by all young and old, healthy and sick, male and female. Fasting helps to improve digestive organs healthy by giving it a rest. It helps important nutrient absorption and enhances natural detoxification. It helps get good sleep and its related benefits. 

Digital detox:

Another way of fasting which means complete abstinence from binge-watching TV, web series or any gadgets that emit blue light that is detrimental to sleep. Disturbance in sleep can further lead to lifestyle disorders like insulin resistance, anxiety, irritability, weight gain and its associated risk.

Fats are not fattening:

Adding good fats like avocado, cold-pressed coconut oil, homemade ghee, fatty fish, nuts and seeds can boost metabolism and improve brain health and one should not fear to eat them but in moderation. These healthy fats help improve vitamin absorption, required for essential oils to function at optimum and reduce bad fat accumulation ensuring good heart health. Good fats don’t make you fat, it's the bad lifestyle that does. 

Dr. Siddhant Bhargava, Fitness and Nutritional Scientist also gave his inputs. Read on.


Yes, you read that correctly. nonexercise energy thermogenesis (NEAT) is the energy or calories burnt by your body due to involuntary movements like tapping, shaking your foot or fidgeting. By accentuating this, you can burn up to 150 calories a day extra which of course will help you stay more active and healthier. 

Start eating a certain kind of bacteria: 

And again, you read correctly.  Certain bacteria are very beneficial to gut health. They help keep bad bacteria away, help digest food better, create certain Vitamins and improve immunity. So fermented foods like curd, kimchi, kefir, kombucha or even idli, dosa and dhokla are god for you.

Consume Oil: 

Sounds weird but very true. Certain oils rich in Omega -3 fatty acids are very crucial in keeping the inflammation levels of your body low. They alleviate oxidative stress and prevent AGEING. SO cod liver oil, fish oil, flaxseed oil, and avocado oil are your anti-inflammatory oils to incorporate in your diet.

On World Health Day, let us all promise to adopt these healthy practises and be disease-free.

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