World Health Day 2021: 4 Ways to stay healthy during a pandemic

This World Health Day, keep your mental as well as physical health in check during a pandemic and stay healthy, safe and protected.
World Health Day 2021: 4 Ways to stay healthy during a pandemic
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Observed on April 7 every year, World Health Day is a day to highlight the importance of health and specific health issues. With the ongoing pandemic, staying healthy and building immunity has become increasingly important. A pandemic can take a toll on your mental as well as physical health. The lack of social interaction, lack of workout and lack of going out can lead to mental as well as physical problems. 

Moreover, with the constant threat of catching the Covid-19 virus, it is easy for you to turn into a hypochondriac or go overboard with staying healthy! So to stop you from going overboard, we have for you some simple ways to stay healthy during a pandemic and take charge of your health. 


Stay active


Since you are mostly at home, it can be tempting to not work out or move around and simply sit on that comfy sofa for the entire day. Resist this temptation and stay active even during the pandemic. Do simple exercises at home or any form of physical activity to keep your body active and fit.


Wash your hands 


There are many common touchpoints that we often forget to sanitise and that can make us prone to catching the virus. So make it a habit to wash your hands whenever you come from outside and before eating a meal, to maintain hand hygiene and stay healthy and protected. 


Boost your immunity


Strengthening your immune system is immensely important during a pandemic as this is what will help you to prevent yourself from catching the virus. So eat a balanced meal that includes green leafy vegetables, whole grains, fruits, etc. to stay healthy and build immunity. 


Stay connected


Staying mentally healthy is as important as staying physically healthy. So to keep your mental health in check. To beat the loneliness and isolation that one can face during a pandemic, stay connected with your friends and family and frequently interact with them through video calls or messages.


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