World Health Day 2021: 5 habits you need to give up that ruin your health

World Health Day is celebrated annually on April 7 all over the world. So, on this day, focus on bad habits that ruin your health and try to fix them to improve your lifestyle.
World Health Day 2021: 5 habits you need to give up that ruin your health
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World Health Day is celebrated globally on April 7 each year under the sponsorship of World Health Organisation. In the year 1948, WHO organised its first World Health Assembly which decided to celebrate Health Day each year on 7th April starting from 1950. The celebration of this day plays an important role in our life as we become aware of healthy habits and lifestyle to stay fit. Because there are many unhealthy habits that we continue to do and as a result, it constantly affects our life. So, on this World Health Day, let’s talk about 5 unhealthy habits that are ruining our health and how can we stop them.

Snacking when you’re not hungry

Often, we tend to do snacking even if we are not hungry but cannot understand its adverse effects. It can damage our body’s natural hunger and satisfaction signals and can increase the risk of diabetes, heart diseases and other chronic issues. And if you snack on junk foods then it fills your body with unhealthy ingredients. So, only eat when you are truly hungry.

Lack of exercises

People often get lethargic and spend most of the day on the couch doing nothing. This increases their risk of having diabetes type 2. Any kind of physical activity is good for health. So, instead of sitting on the couch to watch TV for a long time, do some kind of activity while watching TV to keep yourself fit and active. This reduces the risk of many chronic health issues, gives you energy and promotes good sleep at night.


Due to overspending, people may get into debts which makes their life stressful and hard. The stress then increases inflammation in their body, damages sleep pattern, enhances negative emotions and makes them unable to lead a happy and normal life. So, instead of making your life so hard and stressful, always keep a track of your spending. Make a strict budget at the starting of every month so that you can be aware of where is your money going.

Eating fast foods excessively

Eating too much fast food increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes type 2. So, instead, try to change your habits. For example, replace the soda with water and fries with salad. And always try to add more whole grains and plants to your diet.


Due to the busy schedule, work pressure, strict deadlines, most adults tend to spend their normal days with a lot of stress even. And due to excessive stress, our blood pressure and sugar levels become high, we constantly feel depressed, our immune system doesn’t work well and the digestion process is damaged. So, practice yoga, meditation and breathing exercises daily to lower your stress. You can also indulge in a hobby to improve your lifestyle and reduce stress level.

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