World Homeopathy Day 2021: Importance, health benefits and dos and don’ts of homeopathic medications

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World Homeopathy Day 2021: Importance, health benefits and dos and don’ts of homeopathic medications

World Homeopathy Day is celebrated on April 10 globally to mark the importance of homeopathy in the world of medicines. This day is the birth anniversary of Dr Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann. He was a German physician who founded homeopathy. Observation of World Homeopathy Day helps us to understand the importance of homeopathic medicines and their benefits.

The theme of World Homeopathy Day 2021

The theme of World Homeopathy 2021 is “Homeopathy- Roadmap for Integrative Medicine”. A conference has also been organised on this topic by the Ministry of AYUSH which supervises the Department of Homeopathy. The full form of Homeopathy is created by Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy.

Benefits of Homeopathy Treatment

1.If our body is showing symptoms for any illness, homeopathy treatment doesn’t suppress the symptoms. According to homeopathy concept, our body is either fighting with the illness or adapting to it. So, it assists in fighting off or adapting to the illness.

2.Homeopathy can effectively treat asthma. Asthma causes inflammation in the air tracts thus inducing chest pain. Other medications, prescribe inhalers to reduce the inflammation in the air tracts. But homeopathy provides medications to treat the cause that is developing asthma to cure the problem from the core.

3.Homeopathy can also aid in weight loss by attacking the fat zones along with the focus on dietary preferences, digestive process, emotional stability.

4.It also improves immunity and body resistance power.

Dos of Homeopathy medicines

1.Before taking homeopathy medicines, always wash your mouth properly to remove all food particles from your mouth.

2.Though there are fewer side effects of homeopathy, you need to consult a homeopathy doctor for the medications and never take anything on your own.

3.Homeopathy medicines are very delicate. So, it is strongly recommended to place them in a dark, cool and dry place.

Don’ts of Homeopathy Medicines

1.Don’t touch your homeopathic pills at any cost.

2.If you have any kind of addiction like alcohol or tobacco, then avoid consuming it while on homeopathy medications.

3.Homeopathy medicines are safe to use, but not expired ones. So, check their expiry dates and don’t consume them if they are already expired.

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