World Mental Health Day 2021: Signs you have anxiety

Updated on Oct 10, 2021 09:53 AM IST  |  60K
World Mental Health Day 2021: Signs you have anxiety
World Mental Health Day 2021: Signs you have anxiety

World Mental Health Day is celebrated annually on October 10. This day is observed to raise awareness about mental health issues and the importance of taking mental health seriously. It is a day when people are encouraged to discuss their mental health issues and the possible solutions. Mental health is as important as your physical health.


A very common mental health issue is anxiety. When someone suffers from anxiety they usually feel or not in the stomach along with the uneasiness and restlessness. So if you have been feeling anxious for quite some time but I’m not sure as to whether you suffer from anxiety or not, then look out for these 4 signs.


signs of anxiety


Worrying a lot


A very common sign of anxiety is constant worrying. While most of us worry a lot of times about different things, it is a cause of concern when it disrupts your daily life and doesn’t let you focus and concentrate on your tasks.


A feeling of agitation 


Another common symptom of anxiety is a constant feeling of agitation. Feeling agitated can lead to sweaty palms, shaking hands, dry mouth and a racing pulse.

It can also increase your heart rate.


feeling of agitation




While fatigue is mostly associated with depression, it can also be a common sign of anxiety. This fatigue can be a result of the constant tensed muscles and insomnia that can be caused due to anxiety.




Another sign that can tell you if you’re suffering from anxiety is restlessness. If you constantly feel restless and are unable to concentrate or focus on your daily task then chances are that you are suffering from anxiety.


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