World Mindfulness Day: 5 effortless practices you must add into your lifestyle for a hale and hearty life

On this world mindfulness day, take an initiative to become more aware of yourself

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Follow the below-mentioned 5 effortless practices into your lifestyle
World Mindfulness Day

The word mindfulness has gained much momentum in recent years. And why not! The practice of mindfulness can make one’s life calmer, and relaxed while decreasing unnecessary stress and anxiety levels. No matter what your age is, you can simply incorporate this modest practice into your life to gain mental clarity, self-control, satisfaction and happiness. World mindfulness day is celebrated on the 12th of every September with an aim to enhance awareness among the general public about the significance and benefits of mindfulness. On this world mindfulness day, take an initiative to become more aware of yourself by following the below-mentioned 5 effortless practices in your lifestyle.

1. Gratitude is the key

Practising gratitude is one of the simplest ways to bring mindfulness to your life as when you start being grateful about your life, you shift your focus from negativity and bring attention to an optimistic aspect of your life. Eventually, with time, it cultivates and pushes good things into your mind while making you live in the present moment instead of taking you back in time or making you fret about the future.

Gratitude is the key

2. Meditation is a must

Meditation is the first word that comes to mind whenever we talk about mindfulness. Make sure to incorporate breathing exercises on a regular basis to bring out the best in you. Not only does it assist you in keeping yourself fully aware but it also aids in regulating your negative emotions, stress, tensions and worries while eradicating clutter from your mind.

3. The process of single-tasking

Juggling up with multiple chores at a time can easily create stress in your mind. Single-tasking is the process of just being devoted to a single thing at a time. This will aid in clearing up the mental space while sharpening your focus. To make the process intense, make sure while working you keep a tab on your breathing, pay heed to how your body feels while you sit or stand, and your posture and structure.

4. Do indulge in mindful eating

Healthy conscious eating is something you must definitely abide by to make your life all hale and hearty. Make your meals more mindful by eating without distractions, listening to your hunger cues, eating in small cutlery and sitting in a significant posture. Savour every bite and relish every flavour to reap the maximum benefits for your mental and physical health.

Do indulge in mindful eating

5. Physical activities and movements

Staying in the same place for escalated durations can easily make you passive while taking you much closer to multiple worries and stress. Simple and easy movements in between work along with physical exercises can assist in keeping you active, and make you cognise the stressful situations without any burnout while doing wonders for your physical health.

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