World Rabies Day: HERE’s how can you prevent the virus and increase awareness amongst people

World Rabies Day is observed on September 28 and the day aims to increase awareness about the disease and its impact on people. So, these are the prevention measures and tips to raise awareness for the virus.
World Rabies Day: HERE’s how can you prevent the virus and increase awareness amongst people
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World Rabies Day takes place every year on September 28 to raise awareness globally amongst people to prevent the disease in humans. This day is the death anniversary of Louis Pasteur who invented the Rabies vaccine along with his colleagues. The day aims to raise awareness about the impact of Rabies on humans and animals and to provide information and advice to prevent the disease.

Rabies is a preventable but deadly disease that causes by the attack of a virus on the nervous system. It kills any infected human or animal, like racoons, dogs, foxes etc. Rabies virus is found in the saliva and brain of the rabid animals. This can be transmitted to others from the saliva or brain tissue through an open wound, eyes, nose, mouth.

World Rabies Day 2020: How to increase awareness and prevent Rabies disease?

Prevention tips to stay safe from Rabies virus

These are the prevention measures to take for preventing rabies virus:

Get your pets vaccinated

Get your pets vaccinated regularly and keep all the vaccinations up-to-date. Always ask your vet about it to be sure.

Stay away from wild animals

It’s always advisable to usually stay away from wild aggressive and unknown animals. If you have to dispose of a dead animal’s body who can possibly have the rabies virus, then call your vet and learn about the right way to do it.

Keep your pets leashed

When you are away from your home or have taken your pet in a park, make sure your little friend is leashed. You have to limit its contact to any other animals who could possibly be at risk of having the disease.

Seek medical help if you get bitten

If you or any of your family member gets bitten by an animal infected by Rabies virus, then wash the wound properly with soap and water and then rush to doctor immediately. There is a series of vaccines that you have to get after the bite.

Avoid animals with strangeness

If you see an animal acting weirdly, then don’t go close to it at all.

How to increase awareness against Rabies Disease?

To increase awareness against this virus, engage communities to provide information and advice about the Rabies virus and its prevention tips amongst people. Follow the prevention measures and help your acquaintances to know about them as well. Always talk to your vet if you see something unusual.

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