World Yoga Day 2021: 5 Myths and facts about yoga revealed by Grand Master Akshar

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Myths and facts about yoga asanas

There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding yoga and its practice. And practicing the yoga asanas, believe rely on those myths blindly and follow them as their yoga routine. As a result, there might be some adverse effects on their health and mind as well. So, before practicing or making anything your daily routine, know the whole concept of it from the core and the myths and facts regarding it, otherwise, you will be doing the same wrong thing. So, Himalaya Siddha Grand Master Akshar talks about all the myths and facts about yoga on this World Yoga Day, which is celebrated annually on June 21 all over the world to raise awareness against the importance of yoga amongst people.

Ideal time for practice

The first myth is that yoga is best practiced only in the morning. While there are some practices that are ideal for dawn or early morning this is based on the chemical composition of the human body. Just like the quality of sunlight changes as the day progresses similarly the body also changes in its chemical composition during the course of the day. Thus, there are some practices suitable for the morning but there are also some practices that are best performed in the evening. This includes Chandra namaskar or moon salutation.

Pre-requisites and restrictions in Yoga

The second myth is that there are age-related restrictions when it comes to physical postures in yoga. This is entirely untrue as asanas or poses help to increase your strength, flexibility, and stamina. With time and consistent practice anybody can perform any posture that they wish to perform no matter what age he or she is.

When to start your Yoga journey?

The third misconception that we are addressing is that children should not practice yoga. On the contrary, the earlier one starts the practice the more benefits they can reap from yoga in the long run. This becomes especially true in the case of children who can vastly improve their memory, focus, and concentration along with physical health, mental and emotional wellbeing. By starting yoga at an early age children can also learn the importance of nature and bond better with their natural environment. This gives rise to positive emotions such as compassion and empathy.

Customise your practice

Another popular myth about yoga is that practicing yoga cannot give you a toned physique like a six pack. Yoga has the facilities in terms of physical practices that can help you tone your body and shed all the extra flab and build muscle. Yoga can be a very gentle practice but can also take on a very dynamic form of practice depending on the style that you choose to pursue.

As old as tradition

Finally, the myth is that yoga is a recent phenomenon but this is in fact is as far from the truth as possible. According to Indian history, scriptures, holy texts and epics such as Mahabharata and Ramayana yoga has existed from thousands of years ago for the benefit of mankind. In fact, there are several yoga poses named after saints who performed ‘Tapasya’ or austerities holding a certain pose for maybe even centuries.

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