World Yoga Day 2021: Benefits of yoga for fertility & 5 best asanas to conceive naturally

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Best yoga poses to enhance fertility

Many women undergo infertility issues and have a lot of problems conceiving. Many women who undergo infertility must take many different kinds of medication and these medications might impact their health in many ways. Medications have side effects that one should know before taking them. However, medication is not the only way to enhance or boost one’s fertility and chances to conceive. So, we have Dr. Apurva Satish Amarnath, Fertility Consultant, Nova IVF Fertility Bangalore who talks about how yoga can enhance a woman’s fertility. On this yoga day, let’s take a leap towards including yoga to your daily workout routine to enhance fertility.  

Benefits of yoga for fertility:

1-Certain yoga poses and practices can potentially help with your fertility. Yoga can help one become more mindful of one’s body.

2-It helps one to be more in tune with one’s body as well reducing stress levels and bringing a sense of relaxation. Bringing down stress and anxiety is extremely important as high-stress levels are very harmful when it comes to fertility. It is very important to reduce stress levels to have a better chance at conceiving naturally.

3-Fertility yoga has a lot of benefits which include an increase in blood flow. Although the difference is that in fertility yoga the concentration is on the reproductive organs, so this helps in getting a good blood flow and circulation to your reproductive system.

4-With better blood flow to your reproductive system- your ovaries, this is going to be beneficial at bringing nutrients as well as oxygen to your ovaries and follicles so that it can develop healthier follicles and in turn rupture a healthy egg.

5-Blood flow is important when it comes to ovulation as well as when it comes to building up the uterine lining.

6-Yoga even helps some to reduce weight which can, in turn, help people with their fertility issues.

7-It also increases circulation to your lymphatic system and enhances lymph flow. With better lymph circulation there is a decrease in inflammation which has been linked to infertility.

8-We know that, for one to have a healthy menstruation cycle and regular ovulation hormonal balance is important and yoga can support the endocrine system (hormonal system).

9-Yoga can even help one have a healthy libido or sex drive. An increase in libido can happen either through the blood circulation to the reproductive system or through the balancing out of the hormones.

10-Apart from this the side benefits of yoga are that one practicing it regularly will have more flexibility, better endurance, and enhanced metabolism.

Types of yoga for fertility:

Surya Namaskar: This is like an all-in-one asana that helps one to reduce stress levels, keeps the brain healthy, tones the body, and kindles the nervous system. It is said that this asana helps in making childbirth easier for the mother.

Paschimottan Aasana: It helps in enhancing the reproductive organs like the uterus and ovaries and helps in stress management.

Bhramari Pranayam: It is said to help with stress and anxiety. Balancing out stress is advantageous and high levels of stress are a big reason why many women face infertility issues.

Hal Aasana: This pose is beneficial for people who have thyroid. This pose may help in curing the thyroid or at least keeping it under control. Many women undergoing fertility problems have thyroid, which in turn, might also boost fertility.

Supta Baddha Kon Aasana: Many say that this pose helps in treating PCOS to a certain level. It also helps relieve cramps during pregnancy and otherwise.

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