Yellow Fungus: Sources, causes, symptoms and prevention measures to stay safe from THIS fungal infection

Updated on May 26, 2021 11:19 AM IST  |  240.7K
Symptoms, causes, treatments of yellow fungus

While fighting against the deadly COVID 19 virus and its second wave, our country has recently seen a rampant rise in two fungal infections- Black Fungus and White Fungus. But this is not the end, recently a new type of fungal infection named Yellow Fungus has been identified in Ghaziabad, UP, which is much scarier, according to doctors. Since it’s more dangerous than black and white fungus, it requires a lot of attention from the beginning to keep the patients safe. So, here are certain things about the Yellow Fungus that you should know to stay safe amid this COVID 19 second wave.

What is Yellow Fungus?

Just like any other fungal infection, yellow fungus spreads by contamination. When a person inhales mycometes, which grows in the environment. The major difference between black and white fungus and yellow fungus is that the former ones cause facial disturbances as symptoms but yellow fungus attacks internal body organs and their functions. So, according to doctors, since it is much more dangerous that the two other infections, patients need to seek help from day 1 when they face any physical discomfort.

How does it spread?

Yellow fungus generally spreads when a person inhales moulds or mycometes which grown in the environment. But high humidity, old contaminated foods, poor hygiene, unsanitary conditions are also prime sources of yellow fungus. But like other respiratory infections including COVID 19, black, white and yellow fungus cannot be spread from person to person.

What makes a person prone to Yellow Fungus?

People with low immunity, weak health and pre-existing health issues like diabetes, high cholesterol are at more risk of getting infected with yellow fungus. But patients recovering from COVID 19 are also seen suffering from the fungal infections due to prolonged oxygen support and prescribed steroid usages. Yellow fungus can also show up on the skin if it enters through a cut, burn or any other type of skin problem.

Symptoms of Yellow Fungus

As per the doctors, a person infected with yellow fungal infection can show these symptoms:

Disrupted digestion.

Slow metabolism and unusual weight loss.

Loss of appetite.

Lethargy and fatigue.

Delayed recovery.   

Since, yellow fungus causes internal damage, it can be riskier for patients infected with it rather than those with white or yellow fungus.

How can people keep themselves protected?

1- Since one of the sources of this infection is poor hygiene, so it is advisable to maintain good hygiene and proper disinfection.

2- If you have a history of diabetes, then try to control it with a healthy lifestyle.

3- People having oxygen therapy should make sure that the oxygen is well-filtered and the water is not contaminated.

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