Yoga VS Meditation: HERE's how they are different from each other

Updated on Jan 10, 2020 11:11 PM IST  |  1.4M
Yoga VS Meditation: HERE's how they are different from each other

Exercises, in general, are good for our body, but then some exercises are not only great for our physical health, but they are also essential for our mental health. And two such exercises are yoga and meditation. Yes, meditation is a part of yoga, but both are distinct from each other in multiple ways. Meditation is just for health, but yoga has different asanas which also target physical health. Yoga is used for weight loss. If you have always been confused between the two and want to choose between the two as per your needs, then read below to find out the difference between yoga and meditation. 


Here's how yoga and meditation are different from each other. 


What is Meditation:


Meditation is a part of yoga which focuses more on mental relaxation and concentration. When it comes to meditation, there are different types of meditation, but the purpose of all of them is one- mental training. While meditating, we dedicate time and effort to cultivating the qualities of the mind. Overall, meditation focuses on our minds and how we relate to experiences.


What is Yoga:


Yoga incorporates much more physical training and less of mental training. Yoga is not only for weight loss, but it's also to improve posture, flexibility and helps you get rid of aches. Stretching, flexibility, and strength are foundational to yoga practices, where they aren’t in most methods of meditation. Yoga also includes some training for the mind. It’s not the same as a meditation practice, but can be quite beneficial.


Difficulty level:


Both of them need practice. In meditation, you may have a restless mind. With yoga, you won’t have the flexibility or strength that others in the class may have. Comparing the two, meditation is the easier option since you don’t need anything to meditate. You can spare a few minutes and meditate. Yoga, however, takes a little more effort. You can’t do yoga while at the office in a few minutes. It doesn’t mean yoga is harder, but it does mean that meditation is often more accessible and easier to find time to do.


Yoga or Meditation, which one should you pick:


If we consider both these forms, the only difference between the two is that one targets the mind primarily, while the other targets the physical health primarily. At the end of the day, both yoga and meditation may be beneficial to you. It also depends on what your goals are in practice. Do you want to build compassion, mindfulness, and clarity? Meditation may be the right choice. Would you prefer to work with the body, pains, and mindfulness of the body? Try some yoga.