Ever heard of self sabotage? You need to quit THESE self sabotaging habits

Sometimes, we tend to indulge in self-destructive behavior and we don’t realize when these habits start manifesting in our lives.
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Many of us struggle with things in our lives. We manage to make a mess our lives no matter how hard we try to fix it. We always end up spoiling things in our lives and we fail to find the one thing that is hampering our success and happiness. Sometimes, we indulge ourselves in self-sabotaging habits and we don’t realize the extent of damage it does. We fail to spot self-sabotaging behavior in its early days and we let those little habits and behavior simply slide because it is sinful and easy to indulge in it and we find excuses for our behavior. But these habits manifest and harm our lives in the long run. This is why it is essential that we spot these habits and check ourselves while we still have time.

1. Many of us tend to hide away our emotions. We don’t tell people how we truly feel and think. We hold back and don’t emotionally open up to people. We isolate ourselves on an emotional level. When you refrain from sharing your genuine feelings you end up separating yourself from all others. This does not let you truly connect with any person. It is essential to express yourself and when you fail to do it, it hampers your personal life.

2. Every once in a while, we criticize ourselves and that’s okay provided that it does not hamper your life. Self-criticism is good as long as it is positive and does not turn into self-loathing. You may think it is okay and it helps you get better but it does not. When you manage to make your own self unhappy and miserable it means that your self-criticism is not going in the right direction.

3. If procrastination is an everyday thing, then you need to fix it now. It is okay to procrastinate once in a while. It is okay to be lazy but it’s not okay when it becomes a recurring behavior. When you indulge in this behavior, you tend to justify it to yourself and it just makes things worse for your personal and professional life

4. Self-pity is the exact opposite of self-criticism. Some of us tend to pity ourselves and feel sorry for our-self more than it’s needed. If you have those days when you simply wallow in self-pity you need to quit that behavior now. This is the worst form of self-destructive behavior. Feeling sorry for yourself will hamper you from actually putting yourself out there and doing something about your life.

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