15 Must have products for everyone working from home

Working from home is the new norm that we all have got adjusted to. But, is it taking away your work-life balance? Check out 15 products you need to bring back that balance.
15 Must have products for everyone working from home
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Office, home and vacation; everything is now inside the comfort of your home. But the work from home culture has seriously affected the work-life balance as the office hours run endlessly. Back pain, neck pain and having no time to spend with your partner and enjoy life has taken away the peace. From proper time management to office-like utilities all we want is a differentiation of work and home to find the right balance. Here we bring to you 15 products from Amazon that help you find a work-life balance. 

Foldable table

This multi-purpose table can be moved easily anywhere and can be adjusted to the height of your need. Use it as a laptop table on your bed or as a desk. You can carry it to the garden, bedroom, sofa, living room, terrace, outdoor or balcony and work in comfort from anywhere. With a strong weight capacity, the table is easily assembled and can be folded and stored under bed or sofa.

Price: Rs 1,290.00

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Smart Speakers

If you love listening to music while working or need someone to remind you of your chores and daily tasks, this speaker is a must-buy option for you. It can be operated by voice and is compact. You just have to ask Alexa for music, news, trivia, scores, weather, alarms, kids rhymes and stories as the speakers get your job done quicker.

Price: Rs 3,499.00

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Habit tracker

The key to time management is to work out your plan and plan out your work. This monthly planner helps you set the target and helps you monitor your daily habits and stay on track. The habit trackers are designed in such a way that it aids you to unlock your true passions and focus on short- or long-term habits that matter most to you.

Price: Rs 359.00

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Time marked water bottle

Drinking water is an apt solution to solve most problems physically and emotionally. Don’t be so focused on your work that you forget your glass of water to rejuvenate and boost you up. You can feel safe drinking from this BPA free glass bottle, as you no longer have to worry about leaching chemicals and keep track of your water intake from time to time.

Price: Rs 1099.00

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Office Chair

Instead of the normal chairs at home, bring the office vibes with an ergonomic chair that got the wheels, adjustable seat and armrest. Work in comfort and finish off your duty faster. Tested good for 100 kg maximum weight capacity, the chair is a winning choice to complete your office room.

Price: Rs 5399.00

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Desk Game

Take breaks in between your work hours with fun games that freshen up your mind and helps spark new ideas. This game improves focus and attention span. It also helps people to release stress. The puzzle game triggers the left side of the brain, which is mainly responsible for the cultivation of reasoning, objective, analytical and logical skills It is made of natural wood and thus is child-safe and non-toxic colours make it a good desk decor product too.

Price: Rs 448.00

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Doorknob hangers

Door Hangers are the best way to express your mood and personality. If you have kids at home who barge in between your work meetings and presentations, then buy yourself a sign tag that you can hang in your doorknob to work disturbance-free.

Price: Rs 249.00

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Lap desk

If you are working while watching TV on the sofa or babysitting in the drawing-room, the lap desk will be your most comfortable friend that lets you work in peace. With comfortable indication for ideal sitting posture, wrist cushioning for easy typing and side pockets to keep your mobile phone or accessories; they make a great product to use anywhere!

Price: Rs 1399.00

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Adjustable Study Table

The multi-purpose adjustable study table has segregated provisions to keep your tools and accessories in place so that you don’t have to walk all across the hallway searching for your phone or stapler pin. This laptop table comes with a mouse pad and side rack. You can also level it up to your required comfortable height.

Price: Rs 1298.00

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Foot Rest

With anti-slip threaded cotton cover & rubber massage bead bottom, this under-desk footrest provides firm support for your feet and helps ensure your sitting position is upright and supported. This footrest under the desk can travel with you anyplace to create an ergonomic workspace.

Price: Rs 1295.00

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Instant Coffee

All coffee lovers will vouch for the fact that coffee can make you feel more fresh, can bring you new ideas and help you cope up with stress. And that’s exactly why you need an instant coffee right near you to make the work from home life more enjoyable.

Price: Rs 299.00

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Sticky Notes

These notes help you sort out tasks and work as a reminder to finish off the most important work first. As you cross out each job done, it acts as a motivator to keep you on your toes and get the work done on time. They are the simple, practical and effective choice for everyday communication.

Price: Rs 140.00

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Desk Organizer

To make it look more professional and organised, this metal mesh desk organizer comes with shallow racks and different compartments where you place your needful in segregated groups. This will save your time searching for paper clips and pens and an organised desk is what you want to vibe as a perfect geek’s table.

Price: Rs 499.00

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Table clock

This multi-purpose digital table clock includes month, date, alarm setting and indoor temperature. To keep a track of your time and manage the time between work and life, this clock becomes an ideal option to rely on. Shop yours from right below.

Price: Rs 499.00

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Orthopaedic Backrest Cushion 

Back pain is a common problem that can lead to severe pain and other health complications. Sitting is the new smoking, but sitting in the wrong posture is even more dangerous. Buy this backrest cushion which is excellent for improving your body posture, reduce stress to the back and alleviate lower back pain.

 Price: Rs 1,499.00

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