4 BEST houseplants for beginners

Updated on Mar 14, 2021 07:11 PM IST  |  257K
4 BEST houseplants for beginners

Everybody craves a house full of plants as they add greenery, purify the air and make the home look aesthetic and fresh. But most people are unable to keep them, as they are simply unable to care for them and keep them flourishing. 


They thus skip keeping plants altogether. But some plants are pretty easy to care for and can withstand poor lighting, erratic watering and thrive even in the dingiest possible corners. So here are the 4 best plants to keep in your abode that are perfect for first-time plant parents.

Snake Plant


The snake plant is one of the easiest plants to care for. It is perfect for beginners as it is easy to maintain, grows in low light and purifies the air. 




Known for thriving in extreme weather conditions, cacti do well with little water and bright sunlight. They can withstand abuse and are one of the best plants for beginners. They are highly adaptable and require little to no maintenance.

Jade Plant


The Jade plant has thick and oval leaves and hardly requires any maintenance. It needs partial or indirect sunlight and requires very little water. It thrives indoors and is an easy plant to keep for first-time plant parents. 


Spider Plant


This plant is easy to maintain and can survive in fluctuating temperatures and light. It is not very demanding and is tough enough to grow in and adapt to any conditions. Just maintain moisture in the soil and keep it in a bright area. 


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