4 Easy ways to adorn your abode with a retro theme

Updated on Jul 20, 2021 10:33 AM IST  |  153.6K
Home decor tips for a retro look

If you are a fan of retro stuff, then a retro themed home décor will perfectly suit your personality and reveal your sense of choice and taste. But opting for a retro home décor requires a lot of changes in your abode- from wall colours to curtains to furniture etc. So, if you are thinking to adorn your rooms with a retro vibe, then here are some easy tips to do it flawlessly.


Changing the wall colours is one of the easiest ways to opt for a retro themed home décor. So, you can pick avocado green, mustard yellow, brown, black, white and red shades etc. for the walls of your home to get a funky retro look. Having a retro themed home décor means playing with shapes, colours and textures. So, don’t think too much while selecting any vibrant shade.


Retro furniture always wants spotlight on each of them. Broad couches with multicoloured pillows, chrome barstools, diner-style kitchen, mitt chairs, ottomans etc. provide a unique sense of retro look. Remember, retro furniture pieces are durable, functional, and sturdy.

Flooring and accents

When it comes to flooring and accents in retro style, then there is no limit for you. You can try different accents as much as possible- like a fuzzy rug, door beads, lava lamps, scoop stools, skate tables, bold and unusual art and sculpture etc. are the right accent pieces for a retro look. But for flooring, there are only three options- bold mix of tiles, shag carpeting, and natural wood.


Multicoloured chandelier, floor lamps, lamps with tasselled shades are the right choice for your retro home décor to illuminate every corner of your abode.

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