4 EFFECTIVE ways to keep your bathroom clean ALL THE TIME

Don’t you hate it when you have to spend your precious weekend scrubbing the bathroom walls and organising the sink? So follow these simple ways to keep your bathroom clean and to save yourself from the trouble.
4 EFFECTIVE ways to keep your bathroom clean ALL THE TIME 4 EFFECTIVE ways to keep your bathroom clean ALL THE TIME
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Your bathroom is probably the most neglected area of your room. It is often the place that tells you about how hygienic and clean you are as a person, as most of us, do go out of the way to keep our bedroom clean, but we often forget about the bathroom. 

Getting the bathroom dirty, messy and wet is probably the easiest task there is! You can mess up a perfectly clean and dry bathroom within seconds. While it is easy to make a bathroom disordered, it is certainly not that easy to clean it! So we have for you some simple ways that will help you to keep your bathroom clean for a longer period of time.

Make it a point to always dry it after use


Instead of ignoring the water and letting it create that moist and wet smell, make it a habit to always dry the bathroom after every use. Use a wiper to wipe the extra water into the drain and turn on the exhaust after you take a shower to keep the bathroom clean and dry.


Organise your sink daily


More often than not, the sink is the most cluttered place in the bathroom. With empty toothpaste tubes and lather-covered soap lying on the sink, it can look pretty crowded and dirty. So organise your sink daily by throwing the things you no longer need and keeping it clutter-free.

Use a tray


Keeping a tray under the sink or near it can save you from a lot of trouble. It will not only help you in organising your things but also will help you in keeping your bathroom clean, clutter-free.


Wipe the sink and shower walls after every use


Doing this simple task can save you from vigorously scrubbing the walls and the sink every other week! Develop the habit of wiping the sink and shower walls after every use to minimise the buildup and to save time and energy.


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