4 INNOVATIVE and creative ways to decorate your garage

Are you tired of looking at your dusty, dingy and dull garage? Then it is time to perk it up a little. Follow these amazing hacks to turn your garage into a warm, homely and vibrant area and completely transform the space.
4 INNOVATIVE and creative ways to decorate your garage 4 INNOVATIVE and creative ways to decorate your garage
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Your garage is probably the most utilitarian space in your home, well technically it’s not “in” your home, but a part of your home. Since you mostly use it for storing the extra stuff and the clutter, it is easy for it to absolutely have no character and be a storeroom for your junk. Now, there are many clever ways to revamp your garage and give it a much-needed makeover.

Be it some DIY makeover or increasing storage, there are endless things that you can do with your garage. So check out these innovative and creative hacks to organise your garage and to transform it into a gorgeous space!


Utilise the walls

Who says the extra junk cannot go on the walls? Increase the storage area in your garage by utilising the walls and hanging all the possible stuff on them. You can use storage brackets to hang your bicycle either horizontally or vertically on the wall. You can also add wooden peg rails to hang all the essential stuff on the walls. 

Add some colour to the floor

While revamping your garage, don’t forget the flooring of your garage! Ditch the dingy and dull grey/brown flooring and opt for vibrant and peppy colours like yellow, red, orange, etc to instantly perk up the space and transform it.

Paint it!

The best way to add a pop of colour to your garage is to paint it. You can simply use the leftover paint that you have at your home and paint your garage in bright colours or in earthy colours, according to the theme of your garage. 

Pep it up

To increase storage in your garage while also making it look stylish and colourful, use items like colourful baskets, fabric cubes, buckets, etc to organise all your stuff while adding some character to the garage. You can also hang some string lights on the baskets and wall units and add a rug or two to make it look warm and well-inhabited. 

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Garage decor

What colour paint should you use for the garage?
You can use colours like grey, tan, beige, etc or colours that are not too light like blue, dark green, maroon, etc to make the dirt less evident and visible

Why are garages not painted?
Usually garages are not painted to save money. They are mostly used as a space to park the vehicle and store all the vehicle-related essential items.

How to increase storage space in the garage?
You can use overhead space, use vertical storage organising systems, open shelves and utilise the walls by hanging hooks and pegs.