4 Must have items on your study table to be efficient and productive

The online classes and the work from home require you to take some things into account while organising your workspace. Check out this list of 4 must-have items on your desk that are needed to improve your efficacy and focus.
Must have items on your study table 4 Must have items on your study table to be efficient and productive
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With the work from home and online classes, most of us are spending an increased amount of time in our homes. Since we are doing our work from the comfort of our homes, it only makes sense to organise your workspace in such a way that it increases your efficiency.


So for you to stay focused while working and to make your life easier, we have for you a list of 4 things that are a must-have on your study table and that will be extremely useful in improving your productivity  



Don’t you simply hate it when you are in the middle of an important phone call and your phone dies? Or when you were almost done with an assignment but the laptop died? So avoid these hassles by keeping all your chargers near your study table and organise their wires by using a cord organiser.




A planner not only helps you to organise your events, tasks and meetings but will also help you in jotting down things and sticking to a schedule. Invest in a handy yet colourful planner to effectively plan your day and to keep track of your interactions and chores in a chronological manner.

Sticky Notes


So you are on call with someone or in the middle of a meeting and you need to jot down a few things but don’t where, this is the situation wherein sticky notes come in handy. They are a must-have on your study table to easily write things down and to jot down details, reminders and notes.


Water bottle


Once you start working, it is easy to get carried away and to forget to drink water. Staying hydrated will not only improve your health but will also do wonders in improving your efficiency and productivity. So keep a water bottle next to you on your study table to stay hydrated.


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