4 Signs you have negative energy in your home

Updated on Sep 14, 2021 09:18 AM IST  |  36.9K
4 Signs you have negative energy in your home

There can be times when things go wrong for absolutely no reason, no matter how hard you try to get the situation under control. Nothing seems to go your way and chaos dominates your life. This can be because of the home that you are living in. If there is negative energy in your abode, it can affect your life and that of others living in it.


If this is the case, then you and other members of the house may fight or bicker a lot and you might fail at every task that you do. Have a look at some more signs to know if you have negative energy in your home. 



Frequent conflicts and arguments


If there is negative energy in your home, you and your family members may have frequent disagreements and arguments. These kinds of quarrels can contribute to a weakening of the bond between the members. 


Ill-health of a family member


It may be that a certain family member may experience poor health and continuous health problems. In spite of their best efforts, their ill-health may not seem to improve. 



Failure at grabbing opportunities


When there is negative energy in your house, things may never go your way. It might be the case that an opportunity may be snatched away from you, just after you reach the final stage. 


A constant feeling of uneasiness and restlessness


You may feel restless, lethargic and uneasy most of the time at home. Negative thoughts and emotions may dominate your psyche and may make you feel anxious and depressed. 


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