4 Sofa styles to know about when you are redoing your living room

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4 Sofa styles to know about when you are redoing your living room
4 Sofa styles to know about when you are redoing your living room

The sofa is the quintessential centrepiece of the living room. It is the space where people sit and socialise, so naturally, it needs to be super comfy. While being comfortable, it also needs to go with the scheme of the room and also look aesthetic, stylish and posh.

When it comes to sofa styles, there are tons of options to choose from. From L-shaped ones to ones with a tight back, there is a style for every space. So here are 4 sofa styles that you ought to know about and which would perfectly fit in any living room.

Recliner Sofa

Recliner sofas are best for days when you want to simply lounge around and watch your favourite series with a tub of ice cream. They are soft, plush and comfy and are perfect for informal gatherings and relaxed evenings. 

Bridgewater Sofa

A Bridgewater sofa has low arms, a tailored skirt and a soft back. It is simple yet classic and is a quintessential furniture item in every house with a formal living room setup. It is comfortable and modern while also being traditional and classic.


Futon Sofa

Futon sofa is great for people who are bachelors or who host informal gatherings at their place every now and then. It is a budget sofa and can also be used as a bed. It is a convertible sleeper couch and is great for those who want to save space as well as money.

Sectional or L-shaped Sofa

L-shaped or Sectional sofa is a perfect choice for ones who have a big family and who want to cosy up at all times. It is extremely comfortable, soft and luxurious and unlike most sofas, has space to stretch legs. 


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