4 Tips to incorporate neutral tones in your living room

If you are looking for tips on how to transform your living space into a neutral shade card for a more natural and aesthetic look then we have got you covered. Check out the 4 tips below to know where and how you can incorporate neutral tones in your living room.
neutral 4 Tips to incorporate neutral tones in your living room
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Going neutral is equivalent to making your house look minimalistic as neutral means without colour. Neutral tones consist of colours like beige, off white, gold, tan, brown, grey, ivory, taupe and shades of white. You can have underlying tones in these shades that you can match with a slightly contrasting colour like pink or blue. Neutral in interior decor can be used in two different ways, either soft neutral tones with beige and shades of white or dark neutral tones with shades of white, grey and black. 

However, if you are going for an all neutral tone, you can choose a shade card of white, grey, tan, beige and layer it in different hues for a chic and elegant look. You can mix and match with these shades and create a warm, elegant and understated room with classy aesthetics.


Here are 4 ways to add neutrals in your living room. 

Choose a neutral background colour

Always go for a lighter shade for the wall colour. Choose a beige or an off white colour for the background. You can either match it with a dark piece of furniture or complement the walls with a fireplace and floor lamps to create a warm ambience.

Add golden interior decor

To light up the room and give it a warm aesthetic that will complement the neutral tone, you can add a hint of gold to interior decor pieces. Choose interior decor like frames, decor pieces, floor lamps, furniture in hues of gold.

Throw in a pile of rugs that match the flooring

Choose an area where you can place the rug. You can opt for a grey coloured rug that will match the flooring. You can also go for a beige or a jute rug for a rustic look keeping the neutral shade in mind.

Choose an off white upholstery

Go for an off white upholstery that will complement the background colour. An off white upholstery will look classy and chic under natural light when it enters the room.

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