4 Tips to keep your plants healthy and flourishing for long

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4 Tips to keep your plants healthy and flourishing for long

Do you envy the people who can keep their plants flourishing and healthy just by simply watering them everyday? Do you too want to have a green thumb like them? If yes, then we are here to help. Keeping your plants alive and healthy can be quite tricky, especially if you are a new plant parent.


While most plants do require the basic stuff like watering daily, adequate sunlight among other things, there are some that require a little more TLC. So if you want to nurture your houseplants and want to take care of them in the best possible way, then follow these 4 simple tips and watch your plants flourish away to glory!

Touch the soil to know the watering needs


To not overwater the plants, touch the soil before watering them. This will help you know if the plant requires water or not. If the soil feels dry, only then water the plants as overwatering the plants can lead to the roots getting rotten.


Prune the plants regularly


To help your plant grow and flourish, prune the plants regularly. This is especially required after the winter months when some leaves or tips of the leaves turn yellow or brown. So give your plants a trim every now and then to help them grow properly.

Make sure to keep them in a humid environment


Most plants grow well in a humid environment. Dry air can also make the plants dry. Plants prefer a humid environment to a dry one. You can create the humidity levels for your plants by using a humidifier or by grouping your plants or even by misting them every now and then.


Skip the fertiliser


It is commonly believed that fertiliser is best to help your plant flourish. But if you are a new plant parent and are not too well-versed with fertilisers, then you can always skip it as a typical houseplant doesn’t require a fertiliser unless it is not able to grow properly.


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