4 Tips to take care of your snake plant

Snake plants are strong, resilient, and easy to maintain houseplants. Have a look at some of the tips to make your snake plant flourish and last long.
4 Tips to take care of your snake plant
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Houseplants have the power to magically transform your space and make it look vibrant and fresh. They are easy to maintain and add greenery to the room. When it comes to the types of houseplants, one of the most common indoor plants is the snake plant. 

Snake plants are desert plants and like heat and humidity, which makes them the perfect plant for indoors. There are various other types of snake plants. Some of them include Black gold, Birds nest, Fernwood, and Black coral. 

So, if you have a snake plant in your house, follow these simple tips to maintain this indoor plant.

Don’t overwater

Since a snake plant is a desert plant, it does not require much watering and doesn’t like wet leaves. So while watering it, don’t mist the leaves and instead only water the soil, without going overboard.

Keep it in a hot area 

Don’t keep your snake plant in a cold area and don’t keep it near a cold draft. Keep it in a hot and humid area and if you keep it on your balcony, then bring it inside the room, when the temperature drops. 

Change the soil when needed

Snake plants don’t usually need fertilizer, since they are strong and resilient plants. You can change the soil after every 8-10 months to protect the roots or if the leaves become wilted.

Keep it under indirect light

Snake plants don’t need direct sunlight, but also don’t tend to thrive in lowlight environments. Keep it near a window, to provide it with some indirect sunlight and to avoid letting the leaves getting burnt from direct sunlight.

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