4 Ways to make your home party ready for New Year

Updated on Jan 01, 2022 06:36 PM IST  |  143.2K
Ways to make your home party ready
4 Ways to make your home party ready for New Year

If an all-glam party is what you want this New Year, there’s nothing much you have to do about it. Order in your favourite food and drinks, call over family and friends, select your party playlist and dress your best.

If home décor is your concern, fret not. From balloons to party poppers, a lot can bring your party to life but is it even a party if your house doesn’t suggest the same.

Here are 4 ways that will help you make your home party-ready for New Year.

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Clear up the clutter

If you are one of those adults who have no time to clean the mess, or if you just prefer it that way, pull up your socks and clear the clutter. Make sure the very first room which the guests might see should look clean and tidy, and especially the hall. Set everything in order and let your home speak of neatness.

Make your house fragrant

The very first thing that can put off your guests is a bad odour. So, make sure to light up scented candles or just spray room fresheners in every nook and corner of the house. This will give your house good vibes and will instantly please the guests who will take a moment to appreciate how nice your home smells.

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Arrange everything in order

From removing things that can cause injury to the guests to items that may cause them to trip over, arrange everything in order. Put your décor items at the places where they best suit at. Put up fresh pillow covers and make sure everything looks well-maintained.

Pack your kitchen

A party calls for lots of food and drinks. So, make sure your kitchen has everything that you needs. Put the snacks in bowls right before the guests arrive, this makes it easier for everyone to eat them. Place the food items in everyone’s view so that nobody leaves with regret and disappointment.

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