4 Ways to make your humble abode summer ready

Summers are almost here! It is time to get rid of the dark and rich-coloured decor and go for some bright, colourful, and breezy interiors! So here are 4 ways to prep your home for the summer season.
4 Ways to make your humble abode summer ready
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With the onset of March, it is time to say goodbye to the bulky winter clothes, thick blankets, and heavy drapes. It is time to get ready for the summer season! Summer brings with it a variety of things, from flip-flops to refreshingly chilled beverages. 

When it comes to making your home ready for summers, there are few things to keep in mind, from opting for vibrant colours to having sheer curtains. So we have for you the ultimate guide to make your humble abode ready for the summers!

Go for bright colours

Make your home look vibrant and inviting this summer season by incorporating bright colours like red, orange, teal, green, yellow, etc to perk up your place and make your home look lively and colourful.

Decorate your balcony

If you don’t have a terrace or a patio to enjoy the summer season, then decorate your balcony by setting up a cosy seating area to soak in the sun. 

Let there be light

Ditch the dark decor and opaque curtains. Clean your windows to ensure maximum sunlight in the room. While choosing curtains, go for floral patterns and sheer curtains to make your home look airy and bright.

Add plants

The summer season is the best time to plant seeds or invest in some store-bought plants. Buy outdoor as well as indoor plants to reap the maximum benefits of the blazing sun and you can even try your hand at growing your very own herb or vegetable garden this summer season!

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