5 Easy steps to decorate the Christmas tree like a pro

Christmas tree decoration is a big task as it requires a lot of work. From choosing the right tree to decorating it, there are several things to do. So, here are 5 steps to adorn your tree like a pro.
5 Easy steps to decorate the Christmas tree like a pro
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When you think about Christmas, a gorgeous decorated tree comes to your mind in the first place. A heavily ornamented Christmas tree is what everyone loves to cherish in this grand festival.

It is also an integral part of the traditions. The Christmas tree has to be decorated with lights and other ornamental stuff properly and it has to be set in the right way. So, here’s a step-by-step guide to decorating your dream Christmas tree.

How to decorate the Christmas tree like a pro?

A high-quality Christmas tree

It is generally a tradition to go with family and choose an original Christmas tree and then bring it home for the decoration. But there are several options available for artificial Christmas trees as well. Always choose a high-quality tree that can be used in next year Christmas.


Before starting to decorate your Christmas, choose a theme for it first. A theme is what sets the entire decoration together. You can also search for it online and take ideas from there like Renaissance, the art of Japan, etc.


After the theme, start with lighting. Decide if you want to go with bulbs or fairy lights. For a 6 feet Christmas tree, you need 300 bulbs or 15 meters of string lights.


Now, it’s time to pick the decorating items for the tree. Choose the items that complement the theme well and enhances your decoration. You can pick things like ribbons, stars, bells, garlands, floral picks, etc. And always go for different shapes and sizes for the items.

Tree topper

Pick an eye-catching tree topper that is rightly proportionate to the size of your tree. It can be a giant star or a big bow as well.


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