5 EASY ways to create good Feng Shui in the bathroom

The bathroom is usually viewed as a space with negative energy due to the water lament present in it. Try these 5 simple ways to combat the negative energy and create good feng shui in it.
5 EASY ways to create good Feng Shui in the bathroom
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Bathrooms were often one of the most overlooked areas of the house. They were not given much attention as they were seen as a space where the house members clean themselves. But now with changing times, people are decorating their bathrooms and making efforts to make them look stylish and colourful.

While decorating the bathroom to change its vibe, it is also important to create good feng shui in it. Feng shui is an ancient Asian wisdom that is used to increase positivity in the room. So here are 5 simple ways to create good feng shui in the bathroom and optimise the flow of energy.

Keep the toilet seat and the bathroom door closed


To keep the water element present in the bathroom away from the rest of the house, keep the bathroom door closed. Since the toilet seat represents flushing away things, it is best to keep it closed to create good feng shui.


Keep it clean


Minimise clutter in the bathroom and make sure to clean it regularly. To minimise the negative energy of the bathroom, keep it sparkling clean and keep fewer items in the area.


Add plants


Adding plants in your bathroom will add some much-needed greenery to the room and will help in creating good feng shui by bringing a natural element in the area.



Add a mirror


Mirrors make the area look bigger. Hanging a mirror on the door of the bathroom will distract people from the space and will help in erasing the negative energies associated with the bathroom.


Conserve water


The main reason why the bathroom is viewed as a place with negative energy is since it signifies washing away of resources. So to minimise wastage of water and counteract the negative energy, develop a habit to conserve water whenever you can.


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