5 EASY ways to incorporate pastel colours in your interiors

Pastels are the best way to transform your home into a stylish, sophisticated and elegant space and bring in the soft, understated elegance.
5 EASY ways to incorporate pastel colours in your interiors
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The way of decorating one’s home interiors has changed significantly. Nowadays, people want contrasting interiors and rarely indulge in matching everything together. Some want their home to be bold and bright. They experiment with loud colours like red, green, yellow and incorporate it into their decor to have a vibrant vibe.

While there are others who want to keep it subtle and understated. For them, pastels are the way to go. Playing with colours like mauve, lilac, mint green, etc. can add a softness to their interiors while making it look classy and posh. Pastel colours are great for people who want to keep it stylish but lowkey, who want their home to have that understated elegance. Here are 5 ways to incorporate pastel colours in your home decor.

A pastel coloured Kitchen

Put up posters in soft pastel shades on the walls, place pastel-coloured crockery on the kitchen countertop and get your kitchen cabinets painted in pastel shades to make your kitchen the perfect pastel space.

Pastel Art

Incorporate pastel art pieces in your living room to perk up the walls and add the subtle pastel shades. You can also invest in some empty pastel coloured frames and hang them up on the wall to give the room a quirky look.

Elegant Bedding

Find soft coloured comforters and quilts and make sure to pair them up with some elegant throw pillows to make your bed a pastel paradise.

Soft Decor

If you do want to make big changes, then you can just update the accessories and decor items to bring in the soft, pastel vibe. You can use vases, planters, any other knick-knacks.

Pastel Seating

Change the upholstery of your sofa and paint your dining table chairs in pastel shades to incorporate soft accents in every room. 

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