5 Expert tips to spruce up your abode in biophilic home décor style

Biophilic home décor style is all about connecting to the nature using the elements which are easy to recycle. So, here are 5 tips from an expert to use this style in your home interior to welcome nature.
Tips to decorate your home in Biophilic style 5 Expert tips to spruce up your abode in biophilic home décor style
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Now more than ever, we have been reminded that our lifestyle is nothing but an ode to the nature, and hence it’s essential to embrace the green movement, shifting our focus to biophilia. This style focuses on the easy-to-recycle elements like wood, vegetable fiber, jute, sisal, hemp, stone, metal, terracotta, etc. The trend stems from the basic human tendency to seek connections with nature. This translates to creating direct visual connections with nature or including elements that are a constant reminder of where we come from. So, Interior Designer Punam Kalra, Creative Director of “I'm the Centre for Applied Arts” talks about how to achieve the biophilic home décor style.

1-We have to become more sensitive to the sourcing of our materials, the manufacturing process and the end design, so that our interiors are more environment conscious, heartfelt and inspired by biophilia as a holistic approach to design.

2-Distinctive furniture, indoor planters, modern materials, organic shaped products, and a focus on adding a tactile, etc. should be there in the interiors. Upholstery in distinctive, natural fabrics like linen and silk, bamboo mats and woven rugs can add an organic feeling of luxury and intimacy to the abode.

3-A mix of modern aesthetic planters, and recycled household items like old ceramics and glass jars, can be upcycled to create an interesting plant space. Huge corner planters and tall planters are a calm and lively highlight, while smaller succulents and bonsai plants make the space look classy and delicate. Simple vases with fresh flowers, along with lamps, poufs, ottomans, benches, bean bags, coffee tables and artwork add a dreamier, charming, cozy and relaxing look to your space.

4-Furniture in natural materials, with accessories made in pottery, macramé, rattan and wicker add an effortless charm to the space. Reclaimed furniture, designed with a skillful use of lines, forms and artwork, paired with upcycled experimental accessories, in a combination of modern biosynthetic and recyclable materials, radiate an affable, ultra-modern vibe.

5-Soft curves and solid, rounded, irregular shapes, along with sharper geometric shapes, expressed in furniture, pillows, prints, modern artwork, contemporary accessories and statement lighting, create indulgent and mesmerising interiors.

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